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Best Tips to Enjoy a Robust Emotional Health


 Our emotions play a vital role in our overall life quality. Ideal emotional health management will help you live a fulfilling and positive life. Emotional health problems can invite several physical issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, chest pains, etc. Imbalanced emotional health also causes several long-term psychological issues like depression and stress which can seriously diminish the quality of life. While everyone wishes to enjoy a robust life, many people aren’t aware of how to manage their emotional health- which is the key to live life to the fullest. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best methods for emotional  health management:

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Cultivate healthy relationships with positive-minded people

 Try cultivating quality relations with people who can add value to your life. Build a circle of persons who attentively listen to your problems, empathize with you and also provide valuable unbiased advice. Also, learn to distinguish between cosmetic emotions and valuable advice.

Some people love listening to other persons’ issues and life troubles and they sympathize with them without offering any practical advice. Some of them may even make you feel weaker and more vulnerable. Regardless of their intentions, such people make your life seem worse by magnifying the strength of problems while highlighting your limitations.  

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Enjoy your food to feel good

Researches suggest that even food can be a great way to overcome depression, stress, and other psychological issues that affect your life quality. However, one of the most frequent mistakes made by the people is to concentrate on quantity rather than the quality of the food. Instead of mindless eating that overloads your stomach (and increases your stress) try concentrating on the quality of food.

Enjoy its taste, appreciate its texture and take in the aroma. Turn your meal times into feast times. Enjoying food with the entire family without any digital distractions can be a simple yet great way to make your meal times special. Eat slowly and be mindful of what’s going inside your stomach. You may also choose to visit a nearby park with your family, go around the street or just take a stroll inside your compound. You can also use this time to have some light conversation to strengthen family bonds and also develop a lighter, more positive outlook of your life.

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Meditation can calm your mind

 Meditation works at the root level to detangle your psychology and enables you to look at the bigger picture. Various researches have proven the potent stress-relieving capabilities of meditation. Contrary to the common belief, meditation isn’t that difficult to practice. That said, you can’t expect linear progress in learning meditation. Many people start by trying to eliminate all thoughts- which aren’t recommended for beginners.

The ideal way to start is to narrow down the sphere of your thoughts until you can concentrate on a single positive thought. Sitting in a comfortable cross-legged posture with your neck straight (but not stretched) is recommended but it’s not a hard and fast rule. You can meditate while sitting on a chair or even lying down on your bed. Any appropriate posture you are most comfortable with is quite fine for meditation.

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Learn Yoga and/or breathing methods to relieve stress

 If you are not able to meditate or manage your train of thoughts then you can try breathing methods. Different breathing exercises have been recommended for different health conditions of the body and mind. While there are many books on such exercises it is not advisable to start them without a guide as a little mistake might have very negative effects.

However, if you are not able to find a reliable practitioner to learn breathing exercises then here is a simple trick that you can do by yourself. Try breathing in deeply and expanding your belly simultaneously, relaxing a bit and then deflating it again while breathing out. After some time it should become your natural way of breathing. It has proved to be effective in removing stress, reducing depression, and also helping in enjoying a relaxed life.

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Enjoy a proper good night sleep to refresh your mind

 We come across several relevant and irrelevant instances/thoughts throughout the entire day which overburdens our mind. Sleeping is a powerful way to turn off the mind and allow our brain to regain its vitality.

Sleeping rejuvenates our body and mind and helps us to wake up refreshed. So, make sure that you enjoy an adequate and sound goodnight sleep. You may also take short naps during the afternoon if that’s possible.

Don’t ignore sleep and make sure that you are well-prepared for indulging in healthy sleep. Take light meals during the night and avoid eating carbs. Eat moderately and don’t go to bed just after dinner. Instead, take a night walk for around 20-30 minutes. It will make you feel lighter.

You may listen to soft music in a low tone or read some light, entertaining or informative books to calm your mind. Taking shower or washing your face just before sleeping also helps you to sleep well.



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