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Best strategies to extract maximum potential out of your body building exercises


Every one wishes to don a well-chiseled body with a fine muscle tone. It not only adds to your overall personality but also helps you gain strong confidence. Today several gyms promise you to transform your dream body into reality by following specific guided exercises. However, to extract the maximum potential out of your expenses, exercises, and efforts it is important to take the help of a few specific strategies that will multiply the outcome and allow you to reach your goals faster.

Here are a few strategies that you can incorporate in your daily gym routine

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Do weight lifting

While cardio is a great workout you need to balance it with resistance training and other workouts for marinating the optimum levels of metabolic activates. In a study, it was found that in comparison to cardio the weight training exercises when practiced for 20 minutes can help you reach your muscles and fitness goals faster.

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During intervals listen to your favourite music

 You all know that many workout freaks love to listen to the music during or post-workout sessions. But did you know that the music not only keeps such people entertained but also allows them to recover faster after each workout session? A study concluded the truth for this statement. The secret may b found in the fact that the music accelerates the serotonin and dopamine levels. These two hormones promote recovery and that’s why listening t muscles post-workout session allows you to recover faster. To be more precise in the context of workout it will help you to regain he normal blood pressure levels and regulate your heart rate and a quicker recovery will save you from prolonged gaps that reduce the actual workout time.

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Replenish body fuel with adequate carbs intake

Carbs replenishes the fuels f your body and prepare you to resume your workout session with renewed zeal post interval. They also help in promoting muscle growth. So it could be a good idea to eat carb-rich foods before you start the workout routine and during the intervals between two workout sessions.

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Keep yourself hydrated

 One of the major reasons behind the receding workout performance is the loss of water content. Did you know that just a 2-3% loss of fluid content from your body can make your exercise performance poorer by decreasing your stamina? So drink adequate water to compensate for heavy sweating that can cost you up to 10% of your body’s fluid content. If you are strictly following a workout session to reduce the body fat then do simple math. Drink at least half an ounce of water per pound volume of your body weight. Remember that’s the minimum quantity you need, the more the better. Try doubling it gradually to 1 ounce of water for each pound of your body weight.

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Traditional free weights provides you versatile strength

 Instead of relying exclusively on the machine-based weight exercises it is best to use the kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells as well. There is enough research to prove that using these free weights can boost hormonal response than the machine-based weight exercises. There is a solid reason behind the same. Unlike machine-based weight exercises, free weight exercises don’t offer you any artificial support or guidance. Lack of external support enables more muscles to exert the power and thus helps you to build a better muscle profile.

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Get yourself massage after each workout

  Getting a quality massage after workout session helps in reducing inflammation and also boosts the mitochondria volume. For the uninformed, the mitochondria promote recovery and thus prepares you for vigorous high-intensity exercises. One thing to keep in mind is that the muscles’ work doesn’t stop as you take the gap after the workout. On the contrary, the real muscle work starts from that point as it is doing intervals these muscles start recovering and acquiring more strength during this process. An ideal massage further promotes this recovery process thus helping your muscle to gain more strength.

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Enjoy some chocolate milk (low fat, of course)

 In a study it was found that drinking low-fat chocolate milk post workouts can level up your recovery process to the tune of expensive energy drinks specifically for recovery purposes. IT is a rich source of protein and also has required cabs content. The former promotes preparing process of muscles while the latter top up the lost energy levels and helps in better protein absorption by body muscles. So regardless of the type of workout- long duration or high intensity, consider drinking around 250 ml of low-fat chocolate drink.

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Practice variation

 A healthy variation in exercises is equally necessary to gain better benefits and reach your fitness goals faster. It is because repeating the same exercises over a long period will tone only a specific set of muscles but if your objective is to enjoy a wholesome muscle gain then opt for variations in exercise. For instance you can switch between planks (performed in a traditional way) and planks with one of your legs raised.

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Do the calorie math to achieve optimum outcome

Mathematically speaking, for losing weight you need to decrease the number of calories either by reducing the calorie intake or increasing calorie expenditure. It happens because your body needs fuel that it gets from calories, and when there aren’t enough calories, it will start burning the fat.

So, along with intaking fewer calories start burning more of them by wisely choosing the exercises. Increase cardio as it helps you burn a significantly higher volume of calories compared with other exercises.

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Increase the volume of weights, not just repetitions

Cardio is great to burn calories but it is not without a side effect- along with the fat you will also burn the muscles. Here is a solution to avoid this side effect- just use weight lifting in a strategic manner. Don’t just focus on increasing the weight lifting session time. Make a target to build sufficient stamina over time and wisely continue increasing the weight.  That’s the smart way of gaining more muscles in a shorter time.

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Measure the problematic areas to get wholesome idea

If you wish to enjoy a leaner and balanced figure then don’t just rely on the overall body weight for monitoring your progress. Instead, combine it with measurements of key areas as well as hips, waist, chest, thighs, arms, and neck. You wouldn’t like to have a body with bulky arms but a comparatively very thin waist or legs. Monitoring these measurements will help you remain updated with how proportionate you look- and adopt relevant strategies if the weight loss is disproportionate.

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The tough question: how to prepare an ideal meal plan

Some people advise to have a specific time table for eating while other experts’ tell you to reduce the meal portions while increasing the frequency of meals. Likewise, other devices prevail. Selecting the right advice can be difficult. Here is a golden rule- just weigh the relevance. For instance, if you have a weakness to eat larger portions then divide the meal routine into multiple smaller portions and if you feel hungry within half an hour of finishing the meals then start consuming filling foods and slightly increase the portion size while reducing the frequency. In short, there is no one size fits all advice. What matters most is if the advice is relevant

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Eat rich foods during workout window

While increasing the workouts make sure that you don’t become caloric deficient as it will reduce your physical energy and affect your exercise goals. Here is what you can do. Wisely schedule your meal plan and make sure that you push the heavier and carb-rich foods to the Exercise time window- it starts from a few hours before the workout and continues till a few hours post-workout. Eating heavier, carb-rich diets with protein foods will help you in recovery and promotes muscle growth enabling you to perform well and lose more weight while building impressive muscle mass. Remember, eating a rich diet is good during the exercise window. At other times of the day (outside of exercise window) stick to the moderate low-fat diet plan in terms of quantity and variety.




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