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Best lifestyle hacks to shed those extra inches around your waist


Who doesn’t wish to look fit and healthy but how many people can achieve that look? Bulging bellies, sprawling waistline, and lethargic movements are some things that come to our mind when someone says overweight. Food management can go a long way in reducing the fat and help you feeling light. For the best benefits, you need to combine a managed food regime with an active lifestyle. In this blog we are going to mention some practical lifestyle tips to reduce your weight and save yourself from various obesity-related disorders:

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Avoid sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle exposes you to obesity and a wide variety of diseases related to it like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and a higher level of muscle loss. Overweight is assisted with a poor immune system as well.  So if you wish to lead a healthy and rewarding life then seriously consider investing just half an hour in reasonably moderate exercises.

Along with saving you from the above-mentioned diseases it will also help you gain some good feeling by releasing positive hormones in your body.

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Enhance your metabolic functioning

Having a good metabolic rate helps you to burn a high amount of calories even during your rest. It was found in a study that 500 ml of water can hike the metabolic rate by up to 30% and the benefits continue for around an entire hour.

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Sleep well

Lack of sleep accelerates your hunger cravings. There is a natural link between the two. Low sleep induces low energy feeling and which is interpreted as hunger by your body. As a result, you start craving for food. 

While it might be an arguable topic there is another solid study suggesting the concrete connection between sleep and appetite.

A researcher from the University of Washington proved that sleep influences the production of two important appetite-regulating body hormones named Ghrelin  and leptin. So lack of sleep disturbs the functioning of these two hormones and as a result, the appetite increases that eventually causes overweight

According to some expert’s suggestions for the best results it is recommendable to get a sound sleep of 7 to 9 hours daily.

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Avoid alcoholic consumption

Many people have developed the habit of drinking as a quick way to distress them. But did you know that this same habit can make you fatter? Regular alcohol intake disturbs the digestive system while also changing the way our body reacts y the food.

  • A study published in Nature communications suggests that alcohol tricks your brain in thinking that you are hungry and immediately need some food and compels you to consume food even when you are full. A large portion of this food is generally stored as fat which causes you to gain those extra inches around your waist.
  • Need an even stronger reason to leave beer or other alcoholic drinks? These drinks have a high-calorie count which means that whether or not you overeat after consuming alcohol, one thing is sure that you will gain weight as soon as you start droning alcoholic drinks.


To reduce your weight you need to alter your diet plan and start daily workout sessions. In this blog, we told about some of the major practical ways to enjoy a fat-free life. Once your family physician approves it you can start following this guide for at least 6 months. It will help you shed all those extra kilos that interfere with your appearance and movements.



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