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Benefits of resistance training for elderly people


As you grow your body’s tolerability, needs and muscle’ auto repairing capability also starts changing, So you need to bring the required changes in your workout session. It will make sure that you should enjoy an optimum health profile without tolling on your aging body. In this blog, we are suggesting some of such changes that you need to introduce in your workout session as you age.

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Increase weight and cut down repetitions

Instead of focusing on hypertrophy that needs you to perform many repetitions, you should aim to increase the weight that helps in making your muscles stronger. It won’t change the size of muscle but significantly increase its force output. So, it is advisable for elderly people, especially on the right side of 45, to reduce the number of repetitions and aim to reasonably increase the weight.

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Use resistance machines for safe exercising

When the age advances the main concern is to exercise efficiently without compromising on safety. The aging muscles are prone to wear and tear more easily and take more time to repair. So you can go for strength training that employs resistance training machines that not only lower down the probabilities of muscle wear and tear while also ensuring excellent health advantages.

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Enjoy better joint health profile

Another major issue is to enhance the joint health without overexerting. This can be achieved with the help of multijoint exercises like shoulder/leg press, lat pulldown, chest press, or shoulder press. Such a fitness regime facilitates the simultaneous functioning of multiple muscles for superior force generation and better control as several joints are employed in such exercises.

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Muscle fiber repairing

Resistance training also helps in quicker muscle fiber repairing by improving muscle building and promoting the growth hormones and facilitating other strengthening/growth factors. It plays a vital role during workout sessions and helps in repairing muscle wear and tear.

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Psychological advantages of resistance training

Along with the above-mentioned benefits the resistance training also provides psychological advantages. Being able to lift heavy weight boosts your confidence while this daily exercise offers you the required strength to do most of your work without any help like rearranging your furniture, lifting luggage or walking reasonable distances carrying your shoulder bag. This feeling of self-dependency can significantly improve your quality of life.



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