If you love fruits, but you are confused about which fruit is beneficial for your health, then stop searching and focus on papaya and banana because they are  packed with all nutrients.  Eating fruits is good for your health. It makes your body internally and externally beautiful. Whether you want a radiant skin or increase the immunity of the body, eat these two fruits and see the change. 

In this blog we will tell you the amazing benefits of papaya and banana that will make you shocked. 

 Before telling about benefits have a look at what scientist said about this healthy fruit.

According to the studies researchers said that not only papaya is beneficial for health but also papaya seeds and leaves are taken most blissfully for fighting deadly diseases such as Cancer, Dengue, Malaria, cardiovascular diseases, urine infection. Many studies discovered that if you drink 2 tablespoons, papaya leaves drink in a day, your body platelets will increase rapidly, saving you from all serious diseases. 

 Banana has loaded with many nutrients, it’s not only used in healthy food products but also used in many beauty products. A wide variety of health benefits are associated with banana

As you can see the most important fact of a papaya  and banana now, i will tell you why papaya is beneficial for your daily health.

  • Antioxidant Booster: papaya said to the antioxidant king because it contains elements like vitamin C, carotene, pantothenic acids all these vital aspects made papaya rich in antioxidants. Papaya is the best option to absorb antioxidants rather than other fruits and vegetables; it can save you from cancer, itching, skin problems, urine filtration, improve hair complexion, reduce acne problems. There are so many healthy food products available in the market that contain a lot of antioxidants, but intaking directly from the fruit is blissful.

  • Less sugary: The best reason why I love papaya is that  it contains less sugar so that I can eat it without any worry about the waistline. You feel wow papaya 1 cup cubed papaya contains 60 calories, so it is good for diabetic patients and for those who avoid fruits just because of sugar.

  • Improve digestive system:  Papaya contains a powerful enzyme known as papain which is very helpful in constipation, so that is the reason why every doctor has recommended papaya when the patient struggles with digestive issues.

  • Relive from Toothache: In dark ages, no antibiotics are presented, but still, people treat their toothaches and infection by home remedies. They make a fine paste of fresh papaya roots and rubbed onto the teeth and gums to get relief from toothache.

  • Potassium: Banana contains a rich amount of potassium that will keep your heart, kidney and bones healthy. According to the studies, people who take potassium in the diet have a low risk of cardiovascular events and arthritis. And also increased potassium intake suppresses calcium excretion in the urine, preventing painful kidney stones.
  •  Improved immunity system:  Eating bananas is highly recommended for improving immunity. I have experienced with myself- before working out I eat one banana daily in the morning, after a month I saw amazing change on myself, people usually think it contains fat and carb but if you eat banana and skip all junk food and drinks it’s helpful to step towards improving immunity system. 
  • Vitamin B6 : Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine which is a water-soluble nutrient that is the part of the whole vitamin family. The whole vitamin family is essential for health because it converts fats into fuel (glucose) that will keep your mind active and as well as body energetic.

  • Improve skin complexion:  Banana is used in many beauty products, it is the easiest way to get fair complexion if you eat banana daily with milk; you will see the amazing result after one month. You can also try honey and banana face pack twice in a week this is also the great method for getting fair skin complexion.
  • Fight acid reflux: Poor digestive health is one of the reasons that cause acidity problems. Drinking one glass of chilled milk with banana instantly decreases acidity; this is one of the best effective solutions for managing acid reflux.
  • Increase the level of vitamin K in the body: Vitamin K is one of the most blissful elements that one to take for maintaining a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Though there are so many other vitamins present in fruits and vegetables which one take daily, the nutrient value present in Vitamin K is comparatively higher than other vitamins. It is a fat-soluble vitamin which can prevent your body from deadly diseases. If people don’t take a sufficient value of vitamin K, they are easily affected by communicable diseases.

  • Preventing Cancer: In today’s world, cancer level is drastically increased due to the inadequate level of vitamins and minerals. One of the major issues found in cancer patients is the insufficient level of Vitamin K. That’s why it is essential to take vitamin k regularly. Banana and papaya both contain vitamin K. So, if you are not taking vitamin K in your food, start now.

  • Improve Skin complexion: People who are suffering from dull and dry skin have to take Vitamin K in food. This vitamin detoxifies impurities and increases the glow of your face. It also works as the best anti-ageing element. Women who want younger-looking skin can take banana and papaya 
  • Promote heart health: When people take enough vitamin K through these fruits can decrease the risk of a heart attack. These fruits can maintain the blood pressure and maintain your cholesterol level also in balance. 

Final Say:

In a nutshell, everybody needs a good lifestyle. There are so many vitamins which can make your body internally strong and boost your immunity system. The food you eat directly impacts your body. So, if you eat good food, it makes your body healthy and vice versa. So, always include healthy food in your diet plans to live a life diseases-free. 

If you want to live a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, please add banana and papaya  in your healthy food products list.


Kiran Sharma

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