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All in One Guide to Natural Skin Care


Skin CareA guide for the beginners who just need a flawless, radiant, and naturally glowing skin. Here you will learn everything that can make your skin spotless and confident.

We know how important having a flawless and perfect skin can be- That’s the reason why we have created this blog for you. This all in one guide gives you tips, opinions, and advice on how to improve the beauty of the skin. So, without further ado, let’s come to the point.

Let’s face it irrefutably no amount of natural care is enough when it comes to skin. 

However, many individuals avoid care and nourishments because of laziness or lack of knowledge.

If you are the latter one, then this guide helps you a lot.

Starts your day with Yoga or exercise: Yoga and exercise are the best natural skincare tips to fight against the annoying beauty issue. Whether you have blemishes in your face or acne, a daily 15-minute exercise can be helpful for you.Yoga

Workout Tips: Drink two warm glass water, squeeze lemon to get the best result. After drinking warm water, wash your face with the best cleanser and apply sunscreen to protect it from UV rays. Gently. Take your yoga mat and do exercise for at least 15-30 minutes. Don’t forget to do facial exercise. Always keep a towel with you to wipe out the sweat.

After a workout, your skin calls for face wash. Resin your sweat with face wash and apply hydrating cream gently.

Diet Plan: After a workout, the next natural skincare step would be a healthy breakfast. We advise you to intake fresh juice that contains vitamin C and eat carbs-free produce. Avoid oily breakfast and prefer light and digestible foods. Oatmeal and one fresh glass of juice is the best natural skincare breakfast.Diet-plan

Now, let’s talk about lunch. Eat what that doesn’t make you lazy, if you avoid sugar and rice, it would be helpful for not only the skin but also for your whole body. Prepare the salad, cook at least one green vegetable, and protein-based pluses and chapati.

Dinner is not about a heavy meal. Make it light and digestible. No matter what food you are going to make today at dinner, please include antioxidants foods like Spanish, kale, and broccoli. These foods boost your metabolism and keep your digestion good.

Before heading to the bed: You have changed your clothes, but have you cleaned your face? Not, then go and clean your face with a cleanser. Never go to bed without cleaning a face; if you do so, it can make your skin dull, damage, and cause annoying skin issues. It would be helpful if you tone your skin after washing the face and apply face cream gently.

Do Exfoliation twice a week: To get the best skin results in less time, then you should exfoliate your skin twice a week. All you need is to do, first, clean your skin with toner, then apply face pack, after 30-minute resin with lukewarm water and then massage on your skin with cold-press oil. If you are experiencing premature aging, then Exfoliation is must-have. Within a month, you will see a drastic change in your skin. It only tightens your skin but also protects it from aging problems.

So these are the natural skincare tips that you need to follow consistently to get the best results. Now, we will tell you 8 foods that boost your skin.

If you want glowing and flawless skin in a natural way, then keep scrolling.

8 Foods that Boost Your Skin Care Routines

  1. Pomegranate: For decades, pomegranate is one of the best antioxidants fruits that is loaded with vitamin C, which protects your skin from radical damage and reduces the level of inflammation. This fruit contains an element called punicalagin which can slow down the aging problems.

    Pomegranate protects your skin from radical damage
  2. Avocado: Avocado is one of the most popular natural skincare fruits. It’s high calcium, Vitamin A, C, E, and K, and as well as antioxidants that slow down the aging effects. You can eat Avocado in a salad if you don’t like to eat alone.

    Avocado slows down the aging effects
  3. Spanish: Spanish is highly moisturizing and filled with antioxidants to oxygenate the whole body. It is high in calcium, vitamin C, which helps to keep skin smoother, shimmer, and glow. If you want a radiant look, then eat Spanish twice a week. You can also make soup with tomato.

    Spanish keep skin smoother, shimmer and glow
  4. Dark Chocolate: Many researchers have shown that dark chocolate improves skin elasticity and hydration. The flavanols in the dark chocolate prevent your skin from UV rays.

    Dark chocolate improves skin elasticity and hydration
  5. Broccoli: One of the most super antioxidants foods is broccoli. It doesn’t only improve your skin complexion and make it radiant but also boosts your immune system. You won’t believe intaking broccoli at least twice a week improves your overall health and makes you internally and externally stronger.

    Broccoli boosts your immune system

How to get rid of whiteheads?

So, you have got a clear idea of what food can improve your skin complexion. Now, we are going to tell you a small guide on whiteheads that are so annoying.

One of the most common acids that are used to treat the whiteheads is Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that works to open up your pores. One thing you need to tell you is that always stick to one whitehead and purchase a one which contains BHA. While exfoliating skin removes your whiteheads with this acid.

The Black and White Girl’s Guide to Sunscreen!

Spoiler alert: No matter, what’s the color of your skin. If you have a bronzy skin tone, then you should have at least 75 SPF sunscreen. It protects your skin from sunburns and keeps your skin protected from harmful UV rays. The girl who has a light complexion can purchase at least 50 SPF sunscreen.

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on how to treat skin with natural skincare treatment helps you a lot. Just share the tip that you like the most with us.


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