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Ahem, does your child have sore throat? Here’s the healing guide


As the winter season has started, it is best to equip yourself against the winter ailments like cold, cough, etc. Children are generally at a higher risk of being affected by the cold. One of the most common effects of cold on children’s health is the sore throat. In this guide, we will define some key details related to the sore throat in children and will also present some effective ways to get rid of the condition. Keep in mind that this guide is intended only for children:

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How do doctors check your child for sore throat?

In order to properly understand the reason behind sore throat the doctors can conduct different tests as listed below:

Checking the nasal passages, throat, and ears of your child using a lighted device

Checking swollen glands by feeling the specific points (on sides) of the child

Checking the child’s breathing rhythm with the help of a stethoscope.

 Doctors may also rub sterile swab over the throat’s back to check the presence of streptococcal bacteria which cause this condition.  The secretions derived from rubbing this area are then tested in the lab. The throat culture test is another test that helps in providing a reliable outcome. The reports of the latter take more time to come- around 24 to 48 hours but them offer better reliability.

 Molecular test is another way to diagnose the causes of sore throats and check the presence of streptococcal bacteria. In this test, a swipe is swabbed over the throat’s back to collect secretions that are then sent to a lab for testing.

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What is the treatment for sore throat in children?

 If the sore throats are caused by the viral infection then it may be healed on its own without any medical treatment. It takes some time though- around a week or so.

 Fever occurs in some cases and you may consider giving child-friendly pain relievers.

 You may either check with a physician or pharmacist regarding the child-safe pain-relieving medications.

Note: One thing to consider is to avoid- at all costs- to administer aspirin to the  children as it can induce life-threatening condition I children.

 If the cause behind the sore throats is bacterial infection then administering antibiotics can relieve the condition

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Care to be taken while administering sore throat medication

One thing to keep in mind is that many times the symptoms of viral infection like sore throat can be relieved before you complete the entire course of antibiotics. But it is imperative to continue the entire course until completion, even after the condition is healed. Stopping it midway can result in the spreading of the infection to other body parts.

 It is important to complete the course as failing to do so can cause more serious issues

What are some lifestyle tips to combat sore throat?

Here are a few effective lifestyle options that will help you defeat the condition of sore throat and make your child healthy again:

 Taking sufficient rest and avoiding talking much

Consuming sufficient beverages avoiding cold and caffeine-high drinks

Honey mixed with warm water

For children up to or above 6 years, or the ones who can gargle easily, give them the saltwater for gargling

 The condition of sore throats is also known to be intensified by dry air. Using a good air humidifier helps in getting rid of dry air

Some lifestyle habits like smoking can also increase the symptoms of sore throats. Try to avoid such conditions or at least keep the child away from their effects

Keep the children at a safe distance when you use cleaning products as they can also cause sore throat

What are some domestic health tips to get rid of sore throat in children?

While there are many different home based options to treat sore throat, you need to be extra careful while adopting the home based treatment for your child. Here is a list of some effective foods/concoctions/mixtures that is safe and digestible for the children:

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 Bananas are known to relieve the symptoms of sore throats. Besides they have a good amount of Vitamin B6 and C.

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Warm Soups

 The sore throat can also be soothed by drinking a bowl of properly warmed broth or soup. When swallowing the heat of warm soup works soothes the back of the throat. It also relieves the condition of dehydration- one of the factors that cause o worsens the sore throat.

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 Garlic is an excellent natural antibacterial and also contains antiseptic qualities. However, you should take some precautions while administering t to the children due to its very strong burning taste. Take some cloves of garlic and properly crush them. Add some water to it and bring it to a boil. Allow it some time to cool down and then give it to the child through a dropper.

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Indian Ghee (Clarified Butter)

 For the babies up to or above 6 months, consider administering ghee mixed with some black pepper powder. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, the Ghee reduces throat inflammation while the black pepper is also enriched with medicinal properties to relieve a sore throat.

Other ways to relieve your child from sore throat

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Mustard oil

 Mustard oil is also known to provide relief in the condition of sore throats. Consider applying some properly warmed (but not very hot) mustard oil on your child’s throat. Thoroughly but gently massage the throat applying a measured, little pressure. It soothes the sore throat by providing a warm effect. For better results, you may also add some properly crushed garlic while boiling the mustard oil.

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Warm steam

Warm steam, when inhaled travels through the passages of throats warming up the affected portion. You can heat some water until it starts releasing a good amount of steam. Fill a bucketful of this heated water and place it in your bathroom. Close all the doors and ventilation windows and wait until the bathroom is properly filled with its steam. Now bring your baby inside the bathroom and allow him/her to stay for some time so that they can properly inhale the steam. Consider bringing in some toy or using other activities to keep the baby engaged for some time.

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 Germs are among the major reasons behind sore throats. As a rich source of probiotics, yogurt can destroy these germs. Consider giving some yogurt to your child. Due to its mild and desirable taste, the children would like the taste of yogurt. Alternatively, you can also consider adding fruits like banana or apple to it to make it more palatable.


Children easily get affected by the below-average temperatures and biting cold/breeze during the winter season. Conditions like sore throats are quite common in children and it may worry about their parents. In this guide we presented some of the major causes behind the sore throat and how can parents help their children overcome this health condition the parents are advised to create a checklist based on this guide and follow the same in order to properly get the condition diagnosed and healed.



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