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Aging Effects – Can They Be Inverted?


Gray hair and wrinkles along with cognitive health are the common indicators of aging. We always think about slowing the aging process but how? There are millions of people who believe in millions of ideas but how many of them could get the results? Could it be possible to slow or reverse this aging process? Studies are still ongoing around the world. Dermatologists have also suggested some remedies that are increasingly taking place in the mind of people.

Aging is Inevitable

As aging is inevitable, it is a natural process. However, some experimental studies have been suggested about the effects of aging could be reversed or inverted.

In words, we can elaborate the aging as a process of becoming older by involving the several numbers of chemical mechanisms, substances, and organisms that are responsible for the deterioration of health in both the physical and cognitive way over time.

Aging is a Natural Process of Time

  • When we grow old, the first top layer of the skin which is called the epidermis starts to begin thin. This layer begins to get thinner which makes our overall look so translucent and pale. It makes the blood cells visible under the skin which is a very common sign of aging.
  • Over time, blood cells start to become fragile which can be easily affected through bruising or bleeding. This thin layer of skin can be easily affected by the UV rays and begins to lose the elasticity in the skin and breaks down which causes the skin to sag and hence the wrinkles are visible on your face.
  • Gravity, which causes the skin especially around the eyes makes the eyebrows droop. The fine lines and facial muscle movement while we laugh become more noticeable. Since the hypodermal layer of the face also starts to become thin which offers less protection from the dust elements and weather effects.

Effects of Aging

Generally, wrinkles and gray hair are the most visible signs of aging but along with stiffness and slow functionality of the brain are also the effects of aging. Environmental exposure also damages the DNA with the insufficiency of antioxidants.

          These antioxidants protect the skin from environmental effects but the lack of their sufficiency leads the visible signs of aging. It also leads the multiple oxidants that increase oxidative stress and the aging process. Nevertheless, if you are so mindful and careful about what should you eat or what should you avoid, you can slow down this process. With the great combination of exercising and anti-aging supplements, you can reverse this certain aging process naturally.

To get younger skin at the age of 35-40, several anti-aging cosmetic options are available in the market that can work.

Foods to Avoid to Slow Down Aging Process

  1. There are plenty of foods that can make you look younger and older as well. Sugar is the most responsible ingredient that increases the aging process. You need to cut it down from your intakes in all its forms.

  2. You must also avoid some saturated foods that are high in fats and cholesterol. Also, reduce the sodium intake in your food as well.

  3. Always eat in the smaller fractions. Water is the best supplement of anti-aging, hence always drink more and more water throughout the day to balance the water level in your skin. If there is water in your skin, it can never drop off its elasticity.

  4. You should add vitamin C supplements to your food. Vitamin C is always available in citrus fruits like orange, kiwi, grapes, sweet limes, and lemon extracts.

  5. Always avoid eating outside and give priority to homemade food. Green vegetables and green salads have anti-oxidants that can slow down your aging process. Use toned milk and unsalted butter to glow your skin.

  6. You should also avoid your alcohol consumption to look beautiful even when you are old. There are millions of food preparations which can help you to maintain your beauty while you are running in the age of 40s and 50s.

Does Yoga Decrease the Sign of Aging?

A 5000 years old tradition, Yoga is a practice of being mindful and beautiful. It has many benefits for overall health and the body’s wellbeing. While talking about Yoga to maintain your young aged beauty, it involves focusing your mind and breathing that can slow the aging process. By practicing the meditative part of Yoga, you can effectively slow down the aging process.

Strength and relaxation, are two cores of Yoga that have the keys to slow the aging process.

Certainly, Yoga can help the reverse aging process. If you want a shiny face in your 40s and 50s, you should start to practice Yoga. There is a series of some facial yoga poses, with the help you can tone your face muscle and release the extra fat.

        Yoga makes the skin to look more rejuvenated and younger by providing the elasticity in your blood vessels.

How Sleep Deprivation Increases the Aging Process?

Studies done by researchers have discovered that just A single insufficiency in sleep could make you an older adult by developing the aging cells quicker.

Insufficient sleep means that you get less than seven hours of sleep at night. When we have a lack of sleep, it resembles in our face generally. So it is always recommended to have natural sleep in the night without any disturbance. It maintains the anti-oxidants level to monitor the face tightening and its glow.It is not just a way to keep the face wrinkles away or to slow down them, it also makes your face skin healthier to fight against all the external environmental effects that increase the aging process.

The connection between the skin and sleep supports some scientific elements to have a profound effect on the skin and its functionality. It eliminates the stress that brings a quick positive change in your skin by providing live tissues to protect it from all the aging effects.


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