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A hot cup of tea can reduce your extra kilos


Gaining weight isn’t difficult especially in today’s sedentary lifestyle. Shedding those extra kilos is an uphill task though. Many people devote much of their time doing exercises or regulating diet to lose weight. However, to make these conventional weight management plans work, it is equally important to combine them with other alternatives. One of them is to consume tea. Now you must b puzzled how the tea can help you in reducing weight. In this blog, we are going to answer this how and also presenting a lost of several teas that can reduce your weights

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Green Tea

 Green tea is easily available at any supermarket and packs lots of body-friendly antioxidants that protect you against the harmful effects of free moving radicals. It has also been established the drinking green tea can boost the fat-burning capabilities so your body and especially if you incorporate daily intake of green tea in your daily weight loss schedule (along with regulated diet and fat reducing workouts) it helps you to get better outcomes in a reasonably shorter duration.

These beneficial effects of green tea are attributed to the presence of specific active compounds as well as caffeine which promotes the processes that keep fat consent under check.

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Blue Tea

 Made from butterfly pea flower the Blue tea is a natural metabolism accelerator and thus helps your system to burn more fats. It relieves you of the unwanted fat content that is accumulated in your body. It is also proven to reduce fatty liver disorders and defend you against obesity.

Puerh tea

This Chinese black tea is an after-meals tea. This fermented tea reduces the levels of blood glycerides and blood sugar.

More than cooked tea it is the raw version of Pureh tea that can help you in losing those excess kilos. As opposed to conventional tea the taste profile of this Chinese tea is quite appealing and suave enough to be enjoyed or at least accommodated. The special components found in this tea help you in reducing extra inches around your belly and the body.

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White Tea

 White tea acts as a natural appetite suppressor and promotes the metabolism process. So it offers you the dual advantage of voiding overeating and burning more fats. It is the catechins found in this tea that accelerate metabolism. So, adding white tea to your daily diet could make you lighter by several kilos- provided that you combine it with the healthy workout regime.



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