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A Few of The Finest Ways to Counter Acne


Acne outbreaks are common and affect people of all ages, though teenagers are more vulnerable to acne. Similarly, women during midlife are also afflicted by acne. In most cases, one’s cheeks and shoulders are where acne outbreaks occur.

Types of acne on the skin or pimples illustration

Acne is the eighth most common health condition across the world.

Similarly, acne is also the most common skin condition across the US, and the cases of adult occurrence of acne are on the rise. So, when one suffers from acne, one shouldn’t feel that one is alone. With sufficient care, it is frequently a matter of time before acne goes away.

When one is afflicted by acne or any other health condition, it typically indicates an imbalance in the body. 

While treating acne with topical creams, lotions, gels or a facewash delivers good results, one should take a look into the underlying causes of acne and work upon them as well.

Numerous cases of acne are effectively countered with a few basic lifestyle changes. They do not call for elaborate prescriptions on the part of your healthcare professional. Let us take a look at the top reasons why people have acne outbreaks.

In case you have an acne-related issue, it is likely to have been caused due to one or more of the following reasons:-

Dairy protein intolerance! Researches have shown that there is a correlation between the consumption of skim milk and teenage acne. When one consumes conventional dairy products, one is more vulnerable to acne because the products contain a sufficient amount of hormones to render an effect on the body. This is frequently in the form of acne.

Insulin resistance! Insulin resistance is associated with the body’s ability to derive energy from fats and carbohydrates. When insulin resistance levels are high, the cells do not open up to receive glucose. As a resultant, sugar stays in the bloodstream and leads to inflammation.

In case an individual is insulin resistant, he is more likely to be overweight. Similarly, he may have to put up with the negative effects associated with blood sugar fluctuations.

A few of the other top signs indicative of insulin resistance are fatigue, increased thirst, and blurred vision. Medical research shows that acne and insulin resistance are correlated. Countering insulin resistance is likely to improve one’s acne condition. One of the important ways of accomplishing the same is to reduce carbohydrates and sugar consumption in one’s diet. This is also a good idea, generally, and stands to deliver a range of benefits for one’s health and well-being.

Acne and hormonal imbalances! Acne is indicative of a hormonal imbalance in some cases. One of the telltale signs to look out for is acne that is inflamed and deep. Similarly, when one gets acne on one’s cheeks, jawlines and chin, it may have been caused due to a hormonal imbalance.

If your doctor believes that hormonal imbalance is one of the underlying causes of an acne outbreak that occurs, one should be extra-cautious against acne.

Detox system not performing at its prime! Our bodies respond to toxin exposure through mechanisms of the liver, sweat, and digestive system. When one of the systems is overburdened, the others take over for the smooth functioning of the processes.

In the event of slowing down or overburdening of any of the major detox systems, such as the liver, toxins exit from the skin. The toxins may include excess hormones and may lead to inflammation or damage to the surrounding cells. This appears in the form of redness, rashes, and acne.

Gut imbalances create problems for the entire body, but the most common effects are over one’s skin.

Addressing the gut microbiome is one of the top ways to treat acne.

Let us take a look at a few of the top ways to go about with the same:

  1. Diet: When one consumes excessive sugary foods or foods that have a high glycemic index, it results in higher blood sugar levels. A spike in hormones and insulin levels is a natural resultant.

    This, in turn, triggers the excess production of sebum and the oils in our skin. The androgen activity levels in the skin are higher as well. As a cumulative effect of these mechanisms, acne outbreaks take place.

    Besides spike in insulin levels, a range of skin problems originates in the gut. Keeping sugar consumption levels under check is one of the best ways to counter them.

  2. Keep hydrated: Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water is one of the finest ways to detox. Sweat is one of the ways in which toxins leave the body. When the toxins are diluted, they leave the body more efficiently. Getting some regular exercise has a range of benefits over the body and keeps the skin healthier as well.

Let us take a look at a few things to avoid when countering acne:

  • Avoid popping your pimples! This is a preventive measure against additional pimples in the vicinity of the prevailing pimples.

  • Antibiotics may wait! Before choosing to consume antibiotics, consider the pros and cons. This will help with deciding if antibiotics are worth it. Antibiotics stand the potential to affect the gut. Since the gut and skin conditions are closely interrelated, one has to be cautious. Topical antibiotics might work better than regular antibiotics. Similarly, supporting the immune system is one of the best ways to counter acne.

    Topical treatments are particularly recommendable for treating acne, even while orally consumable treatments might work as well. Detox mechanisms of the bodywork towards countering acne. Topical treatments are best placed to complement the natural defense mechanisms of the immunity to help counter acne. This is one of the finest approaches to skincare.

Final Say

One should also make a proactive effort towards addressing the underlying cause of acne by making one’s immunity stronger. It is a fine idea to consult with a doctor, who will be in the best position to define the root cause of your acne condition, so you can work over the same. Acne should ideally leave over some time, leaving you more confident, with clear skin.


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