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A Beginner Guide for Weight Loss


If you are not in a reasonably good physical condition and want to lose a few pounds, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will tell you a beginner weight loss program that makes you physically and mentally strong. So, let’s get started.

Listen to our words!

The jeans don’t lie. I recently purchased jeans that don’t fit at your waist, then you need to leave your yo-yo diet, which is all about eating unhealthy food. If you are not able to pull your pants, then it’s time to maximize your workout and include the best foods in your diet. Apart from the intense workout and rich diet plan, if you are not consistent with your weight loss, you will not see any change in your body. So, be serious, consistent, and follow our guide.

Beginner weight loss plan

You will be glad after knowing that this beginner’s weight loss guide is painless.

  1. Low fat food planCalorie Per Day: Weight is all about gaining calories per day. One pound equals 3500 calories, which breaks down 500 calories per day. Do the intense workout to burn 500 calories per day, and you will lose 1 pound in seven days. You can meet with the trainer or nutrient to find an accurate daily calorie count, but don’t go below 1200 calories per day because it slows down your metabolism.

  2. Measure and repeat: Take measurable food to satisfy your hunger. You will need to measure everything right from the milk, cereal, pulses to drizzle on your salad. Take the help of measuring cups, spoons, and food scales on hand to measure the correct portion.Herbs and Food Supplements for weight loss

  3. Eat five times a day: In order to overcome the overheating problem, you need to eat five times a day at every interval of 3 hours. Follow this diet plan.Diet-plan

    7.00 am- Breakfast

    9.30 am- Snacks

    12.30 pm – Lunch

    3.30 pm- Snacks

    7.00 pm- Dinner

    It is not good to skip meals to save calories. It will slow down your immune system and make you feel low all day. If you are up late, enjoy the snacks after dinner, but have it. Be sure to take fiber in dinner because it improves your digestion. You will be shocked after knowing that people whose digestion is bad will suffer from weight gain problems. So, it is important to intake fiber in the diet, especially during dinner.

  4. What to eat: To satisfy your hunger intake protein, fiber, magnesium, and calcium, and of course, take healthy carbs to sustain energy in the body. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be between 300 to 500 calories. Say no sweetened and oily food, and hello to lightweight and energy-efficient foods like Spanish, kale, eggs, broccoli, wheat, pulses, and so on. You can also take the help of the nutrient who can make your diet plan as per your health. You can also search for healthy arsenal recipes online that will help you in achieving weight loss goals.

8 Ways to Maximize your workout

Now, we will tell you the workout that gives you the main motivation for sweating and help you in losing weight. Let’s get after it.

  • Do something you enjoy: This seems obvious, but it’s worth repeating: You have to choose the workout that will make you enjoy it, and you can do it consistently. Don’t jump directly on the intense training, start with belly breathing, 30 seconds planks, stretching, balance, and so on. If you do the exercise that will make you feel enjoyable and better, you will see a drastic change in your body in some days.

  • When all else fails, do some cardio: Cardio is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight in no less time. If you don’t have time for a gym or can’t go swimming, then do some cardio at home. 2-minute cardio is better than doing nothing.

  • Run: Another efficient way to lose weight is running. Aiming for miles and meters not for burning calories only makes you a better runner, not a shaper. You have to calculate how many calories you need to burn in a day by running. So, wear your running shoes, hold a sipper, set the calorie count, and go for running daily. People who run daily don’t only get in shape but also become mentally active.

  • Do not fear weight: Lifting weight burns lots of calories and builds muscles. When you think of weight training, bodybuilders come in your mind. But, this technique offers significant benefits for everyday people hoping for a better life. We all are familiar with the benefits of running, walking, aerobics, and cycling, but we haven’t shifted our focus on weight lifting. If you really want to lose your weight but want to gain a toned body, then you should opt for weight lifting training.

  • Stop wasting your time between the exercise: The longer you keep your heart rate elevated, the harder it will become for you to lose weight. So, keep your phone aside, and just focus on the exercise. If you need a gap between the exercises, then 20-30 seconds are enough.

  • Focus on your full body over moves: No matter, what workout you do, the more muscles you can get into the action, the more calories will burn. The total body movement works for your legs, arms, belly, and thighs and makes everything in shape.
  • Sip water during a workout: When doing a workout, always keep your body hydrated. Proper hydration ensures you can workout at the intensity you need to maximize to cut the calories.

  • Be realistic: When you feel you are ready to start a weight loss journey, create achievable goals. People get excited about habits changes, but over time, they will lose interest and get back to the origin. It’s all due to setting an unrealistic weight loss goal. So, start with an easy exercise, add food that you can eat and cook easily, slowly cut down the rice, potatoes, and other fats from the diet. Eventually, those small steps create a big picture.


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