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9 Best Health Benefits of Spirulina


One of the most ancient forms of life on the planet, Spirulina is an alga of blue-green color that contains a dense volume of different nutrients that build inner body strength, fortify immunity, increase protein profile and help our body in many other ways. Due to its excellent medicinal benefits, Spirulina was extensively used and respected by ancient communities and cultures like the Aztecs. After a long hiatus, this excellent nutrition source has again regained its original position in modern society after some research studies found its amazing impact on human health.

Spirulina has a bitter taste, so people often mix it with yogurts, juices, and smoothes to improve its flavor. Spirulina is commonly available as a supplement at health food stores.

Spirulina is among the world’s most popular supplements loaded with various nutrients and antioxidants that may benefit your body and brain. In this article we would explain some of the best health effects of Spirulina:

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Densely nutritious food for improving overall health profile

 Belonging to the cyanobacteria family, the spirulina is a blue-green alga. Though being a species of single-celled microbes growing in fresh/saltwater the spirulina also utilizes the photosynthesis process for energy production through sunlight- just like various other plants.

 Though tiny in appearance spirulina has a very impressible nutritional profile. Each tablespoon of spirulina powder (dried) contains:

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

Vitamin B3 (niacin)

Protein: 4 grams

Iron: 11% of the RDA

Copper: 21% of the RDA

Along with the above the spirulina powder also has quite a good amount of potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

It also has a trace amount of healthy omega fatty acids (omega 3/6)

 Moreover Spirulina also provides you with rich protein quality as well as an entire range of essential amino acids catering to your daily recommended needs. It is counted among the most densely nutritious food on the planet.

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Protects against oxidative effects and combats inflammation

 Being highly rich in antioxidants Spirulina also protects you against the negative effects of oxidative stress like cells/DNA damage and resultant chronic inflammation that can lead to several chronic and threatening diseases. Along with other healthy preventive guidelines, eating an ideal quantity of Spirtunina can significantly lower down the risks associated with oxidative damage.

 An especially active antioxidant component found in spirulina is physicians that restrain specific molecules that signal inflammation. It also fights free radicals and effectively protects you against oxidative stress.

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Effective in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and Triglyceride

 Spirulina is loaded worth potent capabilities to reduce LDL cholesterol to safe levels. It also regulates triglycerides. Besides spirulina is also associated with increased HDL cholesterol which is regarded as the good, health-friendly cholesterol.

 In a study it was found that eating just 2 grams of spirulina can have eminent positive effects on diabetes type 2 due to its excellent cholesterol management qualities.

 It was also found in a separate study that spirulina can reduce triglycerides by around 16% and bad LDL by 10% and these e results were achieved by consuming only 1 gram of Spirulina per day which reaffirms the nutritional density of Spirulina.

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Prevents harmful LDL Oxidation

 Oxidative damages can especially harm your fatty structure which can lead to several chronic health conditions like cardiovascular issues.

So you need to prevent the oxidation of these fatty structures like LDL (bad) cholesterol. 

 In several studies it has been found that the Spirulina can remarkably lower down the oxidation of fat structures- a process which is medically known as lipid peroxidation

 Another study also confirmed that consuming 8 grams of Spirulina daily can potently decrease oxidative damage markers while also accelerating the antioxidant enzyme level in the human blood.

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Lowers down blood pressure

 High blood pressure can drive to several health complications and diseases including cardiovascular issues, kidney disorders, etc.

Spirulina, when taken in a prescribed dosage of 4.5 grams daily can effectively lower down the blood pressure bringing it to healthy levels.

 SPirulina stimulates nitric oxide production that proactively assists in relaxation/dilation of the blood vessels. Collectively this process is believed to be the key reason behind the lowering down of blood pressure.

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Soothing impact on Allergic Rhinitis

 Inflammation in the nasal passageways is not only irritating but also disturbs the overall life quality. This condition medically known as allergic rhinitis is prompted by various environmental triggers like anima hair, wheat dust, or pollen.

There have been demonstrated evidence that spirulina can competently control the allergic rhinitis symptoms like nasal congestion, sneezing, discharge itching, etc,

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May help in combating Anemia

 Anaemia is characterized by a lack of sufficient red blood cells and this can cause fatigue and weakness especially in elderly people. SPirulina is associated with enhancing the production of red blood cells thus treating anemic conditions.

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Increasing Strength and Endurance levels of muscles

 Spirulina also increases the strength of muscles and can be an effective supplement for people involved in labor-intensive work or athletes. Increasing their muscle strength reduces the chances, frequency, and intensity of muscle damage- the chief reason behind lethargy and fatigue.

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Can regulate blood sugar levels

 SPirulina has remarkable capabilities to reduce blood sugar levels and has been found to even outpaced the effective diabetes drugs like Metformin in this regard.

 In another study it was found that consuming 2 grams of spirulina each day can minimize the blood sugars to impressive levels even in the individuals that are already suffering from type 2 diabetes.




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