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8 healthy substitutes to satiate your craving during weight loss plan


Overweight can lead to several health issues. While it is true that there are several ways to get rid of extra kilos, you need to be careful about the foods that you consume. Honestly speaking it is also the major problematic area of your weight management plan. Denying yourself the food that you were enjoying hitherto could be a challenging task. However, it is this resolution or compromise that will help you reduce many kilos of extra fat. The major concern of people is what to do when the craving for a specific food starts disturbing their attention. To help such people we have carefully compiled this food guide with healthy substitutes to satiate your unhealthy cravings:

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Satiate Sugar Cravings with fruits

Sugar cravings are quite common among people. The problem, however, is that these cravings often lead to overeating. A delicious and healthy way to satisfy your sugar cravings is to enjoy some fresh fruit.

Unlike sugar, fruits are not loaded with empty calories but a good amount of antioxidants, periodic fiber, and various healthy compounds. Most importantly fruits keep issues like obesity and cardiovascular issues at bay and provide you a good supply of energy to help you reasonably increase your workout sessions and improve the outcome.


  • Going natural doesn’t have to be boring. Consider experimenting. Make fruit eating a ceremonious affair by preparing a bowl of mixed fruit and adding a little fat-free chocolate sauce over it
  • Top up the taste with some low-fat dried cherry over the top
  • You may also squeeze some lemon juice to brighten up the flavor.
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Instead of eating enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

 If you are compelled to consume some quick snack then before reaching for that sugar-laden cake, check your kitchen shelves for a jar of coffee or tea. It is a much healthier option to satisfy cravings.

  • Generally, you won’t drink more than a single cup of coffee/tea. Secondly, when prepared in a healthy, simple way, it has almost zero fats. So, there is no risk of overeating involved.
  • There is nothing better than a cup of tea or coffee to lift your spirits and rejuvenate your mind.
  • Did you also know that coffee can also boost the volume of peptide YY hormone that suppresses the appetite?
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Eat Greek Yogurt to feel refreshed

Greek Yogurt made with low-fat milk is another delicious substitute for satiating stubborn cravings. It has lower sugar content and better protein profile than regular yogurt which makes it a preferable option. Moreover, it also contains healthy bacteria, along with family vitamins and calcium.

Greek Yogurt regulates your digestive system which eventually helps in accelerating the results of your weight loss exercises. Additionally, Greek yogurt also makes your bones stronger.

If you would love to enjoy the simple, suave taste of Greek yogurt then go for a plain one. For coloring its personality you can add any fruit of your choice to the yogurt or simply throw in some nuts into it.

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Indulge yourself in a few squares of dark chocolate

 One of the cravings that are almost impossible to contain is that of chocolate. The chocolate fans are simply not able to think about anything else when the thought of chocolate passes their mind.

If you come under this bracket then here’s great news for you. Now you don’t even have to struggle with this craving. Just substitute the regular milk chocolate with dark chocolate that is much healthier and contains relatively own amounts of fat.

  • This antioxidant-packed chocolate has proven capabilities to lower down the probabilities of cardiovascular issues.
  • One thing to keep in mind here is that eating dark chocolate is not a license to return to your old choco cravings.
  • You need to eat it in modest quantity and go for sugar-free dark chocolate to avoid sugar intake.
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Eat an organic snack bar

 The name of snack bars generally brings an image of a highly processed bar laden with sugar, preservatives, trans-fats, and whatnot. However, not all bars are the same. There are some healthy options as well.

Some organic brands have a wide range of tasty and healthy snack bars made entirely with organic ingredients with the least processing. Generally made with oats and enriched with fruits, nuts, and seeds, these organic bars are a great way to help you feel full only after having a single bar.

Note: Organic doesn’t necessarily mean fat-free. If you are strictly on weight loss diet then it is best to check for other vital information like quantity and type of sugars, fats, etc. before consuming the bar

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Here’s a similar healthier substitute for cheese fans

 Just like milk chocolate, cheese too has a healthier cousin in the form of cottage cheese. The good thing is that cottage cheese provides all the goodness of conventional cheese sans too many fats or calories.

Every 100 grams of cottage cheese provides you up to 70 Gms of protein and each cup has a tad less than 165 grams of calories. Protein is not only good for your muscles but also helps in preventing cravings naturally by giving you a filled feeling.

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2 ultimate substitutes for potato chips cravings

Resisting the temptation to savor the bright flavor and crispy texture of potato chips is almost impossible to contain. But if you think that potato chips have simply no competition in the snack world, then you have second thoughts coming.

Healthily prepared popcorns can help you satiate your potato chips cravings with overloading your body with too many calories.

  • Consider that you have to prepare “healthy popcorns” so some compromise is necessary. Avoid buttered or sweetened popcorns. You can better go for the humble plain popcorns and sprinkle a pick of salt just before eating them.
  • While you may get plain popcorns in the market it is best to go for homemade popcorn as it provides you complete control on deterring the calorie and health profile of popcorns.
  • At the same time it is important to go for a modest quantity of popcorns to avoid over-eating.

If you are not comfortable in buying the idea of replacing potato chips with popcorn then there is another option for you. Try replacing it with vegetable chips.

These vegetable chips use low-fat or fat-free substitutes like parsnips, seaweed, or kale. Secondly, they are prepared in a healthy way to keep the fat profile low. This is the ideal personality of vegetable chips for weight loss programs. However, it is always best to check the ingredients before buying these chips.

Many businesses may use the word vegetable as a marketing gimmick to attract weight-conscious people but use similar unhealthy ingredients employed in the making fatty potato chips

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Awesome olives

Olives provide a good amount of beneficial compounds for your body without loading it with calories. Moreover, they have much-defined taste.

As for the fat profile, the olives contain a specific fat called oleic acid that is good for your cardiovascular well being and lowers down the inflammation issues.

You may also consider replacing the regular oil with low-fat extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

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Try this healthier type of butter

 Now this is an option that needs some precaution. First, it does have some amount of fat content and secondly, there is every reason to over eat it if you are not careful enough.

Nut butter has a fine texture and an irresistible taste along with a quality to harmoniously blend with anything- right from vegetable salad to fresh fruits.

However, the good thing is that when poured over chopped fresh fruits this butter offers a good amount of healthy fats along with minerals, vitamins, and digestion friendly fiber that also helps in accelerating your metabolism. It provides you protein as well.

 The best way to enjoy it without jeopardizing your meal plan is to prepare a specific portion before you start consuming. Take a bowl, put the portion in it, and then simply close the fridge and come out of the kitchen. It is best to eat it a little time before starting your workout session or morning/evening walk.


Losing weight is quite an uphill task for many. Among other challenges it also compels you to compromise on the taste, so we presented this comprehensive guide that is low big fat but rich in body-friendly nutrition and minerals. The readers are advised to always consult with their family physician before implementing any of the above-mentioned tips.



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