8 easy yet effective food tips to stay healthy this winter


We are already in the midst of the winter season and the mercury is fast dropping to lower levels every passing day. So, it is very important to take the best care of our health to keep winter-related diseases at a bay as visits to doctors aren’t advisable during this pandemic period. Winter affects our body and mind in many ways- right from flu to feeling winter blues- there is a whole range of health issues that we encounter during winters. In this blog, we are presenting some easy yet effective tips to take care of your overall health during winters:

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Protect your skin from winter effects

 We all know the feeling of stinging cold that seems adamant to penetrate our skin. What’s even scarier is the cracked and dry skin. To avoid such a situation you first need to keep your skin moist. Drink a good amount of water at short intervals to retain the inner suppleness of your skin. Double the benefit by topically applying medicinal moisturizing creams and cold creams just after taking bath and before going to bed. For drier skin types you can apply these creams at least 4-5 times a day.

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Exercise on a daily basis

 During winters we feel so heavy and lethargic that we hardly want to leave the bed or couch or even take off the blanket. Did you know that there is a better way to ward off cold without wearing multiple layers of sweaters or hiding inside a blanket? Our body is a natural heater provided we use it in the right way. By exercising regularly our body can produce heat and also keeps us active whole day long. While you may find it difficult to join a fitness class, gym, or dance class- it is certainly possible to do regular exercises or lift weight at your home. Besides, there are some of the best fitness training videos that practically explain various exercises to keep you warm and active throughout the day. You can learn some special winter exercises by watching these videos.

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Consume plenty of proteins

One of the best ways to feel energized; healthy and fresh the whole day long is to eat a good amount of proteins. Along with strengthening your bones and enhancing tissue production proteins also help in metabolism acceleration thus allowing your body to absorb maximum energy out of your food. However, keep in mind that dairy and milk products, though rich in proteins, may cause mucus thus making you prone to cold ailments. Instead, you can eat seeds, nuts, and protein rich vegetables prepared healthily. 

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Eat foods with good volume of Omega-3 fatty acids

 Joint pains are a common issue during winters and it is a big challenge especially for arthritis patients and elderly people. Taking a sufficient quantity of Omega-3 can not only soothes the joints’ pain but also eases the stiffness thus facilitating comfortable movements. Respected as an important category of fatty acids the Omega 3 also softens your skin thus protecting it from dryness and cracks that are so common during winters. Moreover, it also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and improves your eye health.

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Fight digestive issues by consuming fiber

 Digestive problems are also very common during winters due to change in diet. Our body generally craves more food and heavier meals during winters which further increases the digestive issues. It also increases the chances of obesity. One of the best solutions to ward off these issues is to consume a good amount of fiber daily.  Fiber not only regulates the digestive process but also reduces inflammation and strengthens your immunity so that you can fight cold ailments more efficiently.

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Take carbohydrates and sugar in modest quantities

 We all are familiar with winter blues. To ward off winter blues many of us resort to comfort food especially carbs-rich items. Eating these items make us feel uplifted and spirited. DO you know why? Because carbohydrate increases the production of happy hormones called Serotonin. However, carbohydrates and sweet-food also cause cholesterol and obesity. For the best benefits without any side effects, it is advisable to consume carbs and sugary food in modest quantity.

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Eat different seasonal vegetables and fruits

 One of the major concerns of people is to keep them free from cold-related diseases. For that, you need to enhance your disease-fighting capacity. So eat lots of fruits and vegetables including the seasonal items like Spinach, oranges, kale, carrots, etc. Try making a mixed vegetable stew for meals or consume a bowl full of different fruits just after lunch/dinner.

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Add basil and honey to your morning tea

 For many centuries and across many civilizations of the world the honey is widely respected as the best way to ward off cold and cough during winters. For even better results you can consider consuming honey along with a few leaves of basil- another excellent herbal plant. You can also add some leaves and a tablespoon or two to your morning tea to comfortably incorporate it into your daily routine.


Winter months can be a testing period for many people- especially the elderly population and people with weak immunity. In the present pandemic situation, it is best advised to avoid visits to clinics and hospitals. For that, you need to take special care of your health throughout the winters. In this blog, we presented a list of some ideal and practical tips to stay healthy this winter. By preparing and following a detailed checklist of winter-specific precautions and remedies based on this blog, you would be better able to ward off winter-related ailments.




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