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7 Yoga Postures for Hair Growth


We all are familiar with the skin benefits of Yoga. Yoga can do everything for our skin like improving skin health. But yoga is not just limited to skin, by doing the right Yoga poses you can have healthier hair too. There are different yoga poses for hair growth that is getting popular by the day all over the world.

  1. Forward Bending Camel Pose: 

First, stand straight and lift your arms up. Take a deep breath and without exhaling just bend forward with your arms straight. Touch the mat with your heels and palms. Now keep your eyes, head, and neck down in a relaxed position. Just pull your abdominal muscles exercise in and rise up during exhaling. Repeat this process a few times.

forward standing pose

Benefits: Forward bending Camel pose is the best Yoga Asanas for hair growth. This yoga pose is easy and effective to do. It is Excellent for rejuvenating the hair follicles.

It relaxes muscles and helps to flow the blood and oxygen to the scalp and head that makes your hair follicles long and strong.

Apart from this, it also helps to improve the texture and quality of your hair and make your hair shinier and smoother.

  1. Back Bending Camel Pose:

Just kneel down on the yoga mat with your knees slightly apart. Now bend backward and try to touch your soles of the feet with the hands. Keep your chest lifted up and hold this position for a few breaths before releasing. Although this pose is a little difficult it is totally worth it. 

Camel pose

Benefits: The back bending camel pose improves your posture and helps in better digestion. It gives strength to your back and enhances hair growth by stimulating the nerves of the scalp. It helps to increase blood flow in the head which makes your hair strong and helps to control excessive hair fall.  

  1. Thunderbolt Pose:

Kneel down and sit on the heels. Sit in a position that your back, neck, and heels remain straight close together. Now keep your palms on your thighs in a relaxed position and keep your vision and head straight. Keep this position for at least 30 seconds and take long and deep breaths during this process. Once you’re done just relax and stretch your body.


Benefits: It is a very simple yoga pose that anyone can do. It enhances the supply of energy and blood to the upper part of the body.

Tension and stress are the main reason for hair fall, this pose helps to release tension and stress. It helps to strengthen hair and increase blood circulation in the scalp.

By doing this pose regularly you can make your hair healthy, thick, and strong.    

  1. Shoulder Stand Pose:

Lie down on the mat on your back and try to raise your legs and back up in a straight position. To support the body use your forearms and keep your buttocks up and neck straight. Use your hands to keep your spine straight and let your body rest on the shoulder. Keep your eyes on your feet and toes stiff. Inhale and exhale while holding this position for a couple of seconds and then release.

shoulder stand

Benefits: This yoga pose is one of the best asanas for hair growth and also good for the thyroid which affects hair fall. If you have dry and dull hair then this pose can help you. This pose helps in blood flow to the head that nourishes your hair and keeps hydrated your scalps that gives you luscious hair. It helps to prevent hair loss or regrow your hair. This pose affects your hair for long-lasting and makes your thin and dry hair healthy.

  1. Head Stand Pose:

Kneel down and bend your head downwards on the floor. Now interlock your hands to support the crown of your head. Take your legs up gently to stand upside down perpendicular to the floor. Keep your arms straight and your legs close. Once you find that your body is stable now then try to maintain the balance for a few seconds. Inhale and exhale during this pose and relax your toes.

head stand pose

Benefits: This pose helps in the blood circulation of the head that helps to reduce hair loss, balding, and thinning of hair. It is also beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair. Your hair regrowth also increase with this yoga.

  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose:

Stand on the yoga mat with your palms and knees. Now rise on your feet and try to form an inverted V shape with your body by moving your legs back. Keep your abdominal pushed inward and arms and knees straightened. Keep your eyes on your navel and head down. Just stay in this pose for 5 long breaths and breathe in and out. 

Benefits: This pose helps to stimulate the blood flow to the head. It is a part of the sun salutation that is beneficial for the back, sinus, and head. It can also help to reduce stress, insomnia, and depression. When your head is down for a few minutes, the blood flows into the head, hair follicles, and regenerating the scalp. Due to this, your hair follicles strengthen and your hair grow rapidly.

  1. Rabbit Pose:

Kneel down on the yoga mat and bend your head down forward to touch your knees. Make sure that the crown of your head should touch the floor. Try to hold your heels with your hands by keeping your arms straight. Just stay in this yoga pose for some time and take deep breaths.

rabbit pose

Benefits: Doing the rabbit pose daily for 2 minutes can make your hair strong and healthy. This yoga pose looks a little tough to work but it is actually easy. It is helpful for hair regrowth and stabilizes hormones. It helps to regulate blood flow to the scalp and fixes any imbalance in the thyroid gland which causes hair loss.   

yoga postures for hair growth help you to increase blood circulation and repairing cells.


Kiran Sharma


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