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7 reasons why yoga is good for your overall health


Yoga has been practiced in India for many centuries but it started gaining high popularity in the US and other western nations during the 1970s. Today many health-conscious people across the world have incorporated yoga in their fitness regime.

Different yoga postures offer reliable benefits for both physical and mental health. Yoga trains the body and mind to increase self-healing capabilities and naturally adopt health-friendly patterns.

Yoga helps in creating harmony within and without which helps you to cope up efficiently with physical/mental disturbances caused due to internal or external factors.

In this article we will mention some of the health benefits of yoga for body and mind:

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Is it difficult to learn yoga?

Many people have the notion that it is difficult to practice yoga as it requires the straining of nerves and body. This is not the fact. Actually, there are various types of yoga and a genuine yoga practitioner never forces students to start with demanding postures.

S/he starts the training course with simple postures (known as yoga asanas) and then move gradually to more advanced postures. Besides, there are various asanas that naturally increase the body’s flexibility. It makes it easier for people or exercise seemingly difficult poses due to their higher body flexibility gained through the regular practice of simpler postures.

Yoga includes different relaxation techniques that reduce chronic pain including headaches, and arthritis among others. These techniques are also found to be beneficial for insomnia and blood pressure.

·         Better flexibility

·         Enhanced muscle strength/tone

·         Improved respiration

·         Better energy and more vitality

·         Balanced metabolism

·         Reduced weight

·         Improved cardiovascular health

·         Better athletic productivity

Here are some benefits of yoga

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Reduces stress

Yoga prepares a person to efficiently fight stress and enjoy a better life quality. Along with obvious effects, stress can also cause headaches, neck pain, and sleeping issues. In many instances stress also compels people to go for substance abuse as the last refuge and eventually it results in addiction.

The breathing exercises and meditation help in calming the mind which helps in lowering down the stress levels.

Yoga works on the principles of wholesome health of body and mind which enhances body awareness and reduces stress patterns. With the regular practice of yoga, a person is able to concentrate better and have a composed state of mind.

Yoga also promotes self-awareness that prepares a person to evaluate himself and identify any changes in mental condition. It enables him to take preventive measures at the early stage that may save him from chronic stress.

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Promotes agility and flexibility

Yoga helps in making us agile and flexible by gradually training our body and muscles to increase their elasticity levels. At the staring, you would find it difficult to perform most of the Asans (or postures) like touching your toes. With time your body will gain enough elasticity to perform different postures with less difficulty. It will loosen your muscles and help you gain better agility.

 Moreover many postures of yoga focus on properly aligning different bones and joints of your body. It results in balanced load distribution instead of straining a specific part like the knee or lower back. That’s why after some yoga practice you can find significant relief in joints pain, back pain, etc.

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Better posture

 Keeping your head straight helps in reducing the load on back on muscles of your back. However, due to the sedentary lifestyle of modern times and wrong postures, many people find it difficult to keep their heads erect.

If we would observe, many of us have our heads moving a few inches forward and it strains the back and neck muscles. It is one of the main reasons why we feel tired frequently.

Yoga helps in solving this issue at the root level. Different postures of yoga train us to keep our heads straight most of the time.

That is why the genuine yoga teachers and advanced learners have erect neck and their head is straight, not tilting forward. Along with saving us from front tiredness, it also protects us from various other conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and muscle-related disorders.

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Saves cartilage and joint from breakdown

 Yoga may be straining for your joints in the beginning. It is because Yoga trains your joints to realize and exercise its maximum movement potential. Thus the cartilage areas that are generally left unused get squeezed. When squeezed the vital fluid is soaked. It helps in the proper supply of nutrients and keeps your cartilage healthy.

 If you don’t pay attention to cartilage, some of its areas become passive and worn out which eventually causes various bone-related issues.

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Makes your spine more flexible

 A regular practice of different yoga asanas improves spinal disk movements and it is due to their specific movement that they gain healthy nutrients. So, the daily practice of yoga asanas also keeps your spinal disk flexible and healthy.

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Improved bone health

 Yoga encourages and empowers your limbs to lift your body weight. Over some period it improves the strength of the bones and keeps you safe from different bone disorders.

Yoga asanas proactively assist in making your arm and leg bones stronger while also retaining higher levels of calcium which makes you capable to prevent and fight conditions like arthritis, joint pain and various other bone relate disorders/diseases/??

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Improved blood flow

 Yoga incorporates different relaxation exercises that allow for improved blood circulation that nurtures helps different parts of your body and promotes healthy functioning.

 Yoga also helps in the proper functioning of your calls by providing them a regular supply of oxygen. Twisting movements helps your internal organs to squeeze the venous blood and upon releasing it results in a healthy flow of oxygenated blood.

 The blood of pelvis and legs flows to your heart whenever you exercise handstand, shoulder stand, or other inverted poses. From there it goes to the lungs where it gets pumped. This oxygenated blood helps in relieving the symptoms like swollen legs due to cardiovascular kidney issues.

 Blood clots expose a person to various risks like strokes. Yoga prevents clotting as it thins the blood by reducing clotting proteins of blood. Yoga also decreases the stickiness of platelets. Additionally, yoga increases red blood cells and hemoglobin levels- two oxygen carriers to the tissues. Thus it helps in regulating proper oxygen supply to your body tissues.


Yoga offers lots of benefits for physical and mental health. It actually focuses on boosting the self-healing properties of your mind and body so it reduces your dependency on medicines and external treatment. Regular practice of yoga also helps in relieving stress, keeping you fit and agile, and promoting flexibility.



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