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7 best health benefits of alkaline water for your body


Alkaline water has been experiencing a steady increase in popularity for the last several years due to the rising health awareness among the global population. It has acquired an important place in the dietary regimen of health-conscious people. There are several benefits attributed to alkaline water that proves it to be more effective than plain tap water. In this blog we will know about the difference between tap water and alkaline water and also discuss some of its health benefits for human beings:

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How is alkaline water different from tap water?

 pH scale is a metric to measure the positively charged hydrogen ions in water at a scale range between 0 and 14. At a pH level of 7, pure water contains a very small number of these ions. Alkaline water on the other hand contains the pH of these positively charred hydrogen ions. A higher amount of pH levels regulates blood flow by decreasing its viscosity (stickiness and thickness). It also increases the levels of oxygen in our blood. Higher pH levels also neutralize acidity levels in our bodies.

One of the major ways to maintain a healthy body is to balance the pH levels. The plain tap water that we drink is significantly acidic and may lead to various health issues over time. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has an optimized pH level that makes it safer, healthier, and a better option for health-conscious people. By neutralizing the acid levels the alkaline water helps you gain many health benefits while combating various health disorders.

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Assists in preventing/mitigating Acid Reflux

GERD or Acid Reflux is a digestion-related disorder in which the digestive acid comes back reaching up the food pipe and causing irritation. Along with heartburn and pain in the chest, Acid reflux also causes bad breath, acid-like taste, breathing issues, and nausea. The symptoms occur when the food is being ingested.

 If left untreated the acid reflux may worsen and in some people, the symptoms may be more severe. It includes esophageal lining damage or esophageal cancer. Medicinal treatments like proton pump inhibitors or H2 blockers can upset the natural processes and biological substances of our body.

A natural safer way to treat acid reflux is to create an alkaline-rich environment. Unlike natural water that has a PH level between 6 and 7.5, alkaline water has a pH level in the range of 8 and 14. Studies prove that alkaline water with an 8.8 level can efficiently combat and inactivate a harmful digestive enzyme called pepsin which severely hurts the esophageal lining. Besides alkaline water proactively defends you against harmful acids by significantly reducing their levels.

 By maintaining optimum levels of Ph in your bloodstream alkaline water also offers a host of other health benefits.

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Helps in weight loss plan

Alkaline water also plays a key role in your weight loss program. One of the major reasons behind overweight is the higher acid levels in junk and fast food. The body manufactures more fat cells to neutralize the acidity levels and the process leads to weight gain. By consuming alkaline water the extra acidity I s neutralized which prevents the body from producing additional fat cells. Thus alkaline water can significantly help you in your weight loss program.

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Helps in flushing out the toxins

The modern diet and lifestyle habits have increased the number of toxic compounds in our body, compelling it to work harder for normalizing biological functions. It overstresses our body and causes fatigue and weakness. Thanks to its inherent characteristics the alkaline water effectively inactivates such toxic compounds and flushes them out of your body. Along with detoxifying the body it also helps in regulating body functions and ensures smooth biological processes for overall well-being.

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Better hydrating capabilities

When compared to the regular plain water the Alkaline water has significantly better hydrating properties that make it an ideal option for gym-goers and people who practice heavy workouts regularly. Due to the smaller size of water molecules in alkaline water, your body cells quickly absorb thus facilitating quicker re-hydration. It sufficiently replenishes the lost water content in your body and reenergizes you to resume your workouts more efficiently.

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Lowers down the risks of high BP, diabetes and cholesterol

Blood viscosity refers to the stickiness and thickness of human blood. Alkaline water is found to reduce blood viscosity which lowers down the risks of cardiovascular strain caused by dehydration. There are verified studies that also prove the other blood-friendly characteristics of alkaline water. It reduces high blood pressure, high blood lipids (cholesterol), and high blood sugar that causes diabetes.

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Improves blood quality for smooth functioning

Maintaining the right levels of oxygen can play an important role in boosting immunity and keeping your body disease-free. Blood is the main carrier of oxygen across your body. Alkaline water improves your blood quality and optimizes its characteristics in a specific way which not only ensures ideal oxygen levels but also fortifies the immunity system to effectively combat various diseases. A sufficient supply of oxygen to the vital body organs also plays a defining role in increase the inner strength of your body.

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Can increase longevity

Alkaline water has also demonstrated exceptional qualities to increase longevity by slowing down the aging process. The default characteristics of alkaline water regulate our body functions and allow our vital organs to perform optimally. It helps in flushing out the toxins, increasing strength, and making specific organs more resistant to wear and tear. All these factors contribute towards maintaining our biological vitality while slowing down the effects of aging. It eventually increases longevity. Thus drinking alkaline water not only helps your body function at an optimal rate but also enhances longevity.


Alkaline water refers to the type of water that has higher pH levels which help in neutralizing acidity and also provides many other health benefits. Right from protecting you from digestion-related issues to cushioning the vital organs of your body, increasing bone strength, and boosting immunity, there are various ways in which alkaline water can help you live a better, healthier life.



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