6 ways to make your skin naturally healthy and beautiful


Many people have a limited outlook of beauty- fair complexion, sharp features and well styled hair. However, the real beauty is the one that reflects good health. A clear well-toned skin, nails with natural texture and shape, and healthy eyes are some signs of healthy beauty. By eating right quantity of food you can also acquire healthy beauty and enhance your skin appearance. It also makes your feel stronger, fit and more confident. In this blog we are going to mention some foods that can help you achieve the healthy beauty appeal:

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Eat watermelon to remove puffiness around eyes

The puffiness around your eyes interferes with their natural beauty and also gives you an older appearance. This puffiness is caused due to water retention. Eating watermelon can lessen this water retention and offers a natural tightness around your eyes.

Unlike other options, watermelon doesn’t have a high sugar content which means you can safely enjoy the skin benefits of watermelon without worrying about harmful side effects of sugar.

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Green Tea to ward off acnes

 Acnes lower down the natural appeal of your skin but they are not incurable. An easy home remedy for acnes is to drink green tea. It is rich in polyphenols- a component that has dual qualities of antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent. It has a significant impact on scars, blemishes and dryness.

Drinking ideal quantity of green tea on a regular basis also helps in purging the harmful toxins. Vitamin K is another major component found in green tea that helps in lightening the dark circles that form under your eyes. For that you need to take some used green tea bags, keep them in fridge for some time and then put them under you skin for around d15 minutes.

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Tomatoes to save skin from UV rays

 Tomatoes provide a reliable security should to your skin and save it from harmful ultraviolet rays. Being a rich source of lycopene- a type of strong antioxidant, the tomatoes can offer a good protection against sunburn.

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Carrots to get rid of oily skin

 Beta carotene the components responsible for the bright orange colour of carrot is a vital vitamin A source. Did you know that your retina contains a high among of vitamin A?

So, it is quite clear that consuming an ideal quantity of carrot on a daily basis can help you sharpen your vision and make your eyes healthy. Additionally there are many other nutrients found in carrot that make it a vital part of our daily healthy diet. Vitamin A is also effective in reducing the oil production process of our skin.

Avocado, Salad, Fresh, Food, Vegetarian

Avocados for multi-faceted skin benefits

Avocado is a mixed pack of multiple skin friendly vitamins. Along with vitamin A, D and E avocados are also rich source of phytonutrients and good fats. Due to its multifaceted capabilities to help you gain a clean, healthy skin, avocadoes have been used for many centuries as a potent skin supplement. .

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Walnuts to increase collagen production

 As a powerful source of omega-3 fatty acids the walnuts help in accelerating the production of collagen- a skin friendly protein that accelerated its elasticity and enhances the softness. By preventing the process of sagging it provides a youthful appearance to your skin. However, the goodness of walnuts goes much deeper than the skin. As an omega 3 source it helps in your cardiovascular health, increases mental composure and lowers down your stress.


Your appearance plays vital role in indicating your health status. By eating right type of food and staying away from unhealthy diet you can be able to achieve a flawless skin and natural features which are indicative of good health. Along with optimizing your diet you should also thing seriously about making your lifestyle more aligned with the natural ways so as to enhance your beauty profile.



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