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6 superlight mini-breakfast options for revitalizing your body

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A nutritious breakfast certainly helps in revitalizing your body by supplying the right amount of nutrients. While the balanced volume and variety of breakfast play an important role in determining its benefits, many people are not able to digest a normal breakfast. The people following a weight loss plan may also find it difficult to determine the right type/quantity of breakfasts that provide good nutrients. They are always on the lookout for an ideal breakfast that is very light and offers good energy even if consumed in small quantities.

To help such people get proper nutritional intake without disturbing their digestive system, we have prepared a list of what can be termed as “tiny breakfasts”. You can either have these as standalone breakfast or combine any two of them, as per your preferences. Even a small quantity of these mini-breakfasts can help you gain ideal nutrition levels need to remain energetic whole day long:

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Overnight soaked almonds for energy

While the almond is naturally high in minerals and vitamins, its nutritional profile is further improved when you soak it. For the best benefits soak a bowl of almonds overnight and consume it early in the morning.

Along with supplying you with energy for an ideal “good morning feeling, it also helps you to feel filled thus preventing you from those unhealthy snacks that add to your kilos.

  • Tip: Tanin a compound found in the brown peel of almond restricts the proper absorption of nutrients. So, for realizing the best nutrient benefits, it is advisable to peel almonds (soaked almonds are easier to be peeled) before eating.
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Honey and Lemon mix in warm water for digestion and detoxing

Honey is a good aide to the digestive process. When mixed with warm water and lemon juice it can regulate digestion while also improving immunity by accelerating the metabolism process.

One of its major advantages is fewer calories that make it a preferable choice over other weight loss drinks. At the same time, the presence of honey helps you exercise better and comfortably stretch your workout sessions by keeping your energy levels up. It also doubles as a detoxifying drink for your body.

For the best benefits drink this mix on the empty stomach. Why not make it a healthier substitute for morning tea?

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Papaya for smoother bowel movements

Constipation is one of the major reasons for feeling low the entire day and if ignored for a long time, it can also lead to other complexities. One of the best home remedies for constipation is eating fresh papaya in the early morning.

It not only regulates the bowel movement but also reduces the bad cholesterol that can lead to various diseases including cardiovascular disorders.

Being a rich source of vitamin C Papaya keeps you safe from many diseases by enhancing your immunity system

Papaya is also found to enhance your vision quality and prevents it from degenerating thanks to the rich inventory of eye-friendly vitamin A

Papaya packs anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping arthritis at bay. It was also found that these properties when combined with a high inventory o vitamin C further multiplies the impact and reduces the chances of arthritis.

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Amla Juice for better vision, improved immunity and good skin

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is one of the best naturally available immunity boosters. Along with a good volume of vitamin C, it also contains a decent amount of other minerals and vitamins.

Being alkaline, amla also acts as a potent system cleanser for your body and naturally increases your digestive capabilities thus saving you from constipation.

For the last many centuries, people have been consuming amla to enhance their vision and improving skin complexion. It is also used as a powerful option to provide inner strength and volume to your hair- the reason why many hair care products contain Amla.

  • Tip: For the best nutritional benefits drink a full glass of fresh Amla juice before having breakfast or tea. Also, give a gap of around an hour between the two due to their conflicting qualities that may cause stomach issues.
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Chia Seeds for replenishing essential amino acids

Chia seeds have been there for many centuries but just like Quinoa they have acquired a new appeal thanks to the powerful marketing strategies by various health brands producing Chia products.

Packed with B vitamins, iron, and magnesium these small seeds are also good in different fatty acids essential for our body. However, what makes them unique is that chia is a powerhouse of all essential amino acids for your body.

Take a teaspoon of chia seeds and soak it in a cup of water overnight. Take it in the early morning before having your tea. It will charge your body and mind and prepares it to face the day with excitement and vigor.

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Watermelon for less cravings and increased electrolytes level

If you are looking for enhancing your energy profile without loading your body with extra calories then watermelon is the best option for you. This low-calorie fruit packs lots of electrolytes and due to its high water content, it keeps you filled for long hours thus reducing unnecessary cravings.

True to its name, the watermelon is almost all about water- 92% to be precise. So it is a great way to keep your body hydrated.

Watermelon contains a fair volume of potassium that helps in replenishing your energy and thus hikes your workout performance.

It also regulates the function of muscles and safeguards you against muscle cramps constantly relaxing your blood vessels. It can keep the blood pressure levels under control.

Being a good source of carbohydrates watermelon strengthens the muscles and thus enables you to graduate to an advanced workout that needs extra muscle power.

Pots workout consumption of watermelon supply a good amount of citrulline to our body which heals post-workout effects by speeding up heart rate recovery and repairing soreness of the muscles.

 Another health-friendly compound found in watermelon is Lycopene a kind of phytochemical that lowers down inflammation by assisting your cells in combating harmful free radicals. To properly absorb lycopene you need to cook the Watermelon.

 Alternatively you can also eat a fully ripe watermelon as the process of ripeness increases Lycopene content.

 Lycopene is also loaded with various anti-inflammatory properties which help in lowering down the risks of developing cardiovascular issues.

  • Tip: Consider eating it early morning before tea or breakfast. It is advisable to give a sufficient gap between watermelon and breakfast/tea.


After a long night of starvation, we break our fast in the morning with the first meal- breakfast. While it is good to have a good breakfast in the morning, not everyone’s system is capable of digesting a heavy breakfast. In this blog, we presented different tiny breakfasts for such people. Easy to digest and packed with minerals and vitamins, these breakfasts will help in keeping you active whole day long. Readers are advised to check their health profile and food allergies (if any) before incorporating these breakfasts into their daily schedule.



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