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6 Practical and sustainable ways to maintain the weight loss


Due to increasing awareness about health, many people are now more than ready to ditch unhealthy lifestyles to embrace healthy living. It has also helped in bringing positive transformation to the lives of people. For instance, by adopting fat loss plans many people get rid of extra inches and additional probabilities of getting affected by various fat-related diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, joint pains, fatigue, etc. However, one of the main concerns of such people is how to maintain the reduced figure once you have completed our weight loss plan. In this blog, we are going to present some tips that will save you from returning an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. At the same time, these tips will offer you practical guidance on how to overcome cravings:

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Avoid overindulgence in food

 Just you have successfully achieved your dream weight doesn’t mean that you can indulge in the mindless eating like unhealthy snacking or eating more than your appetite just because of a good taste profile. You still have to switch off every electronic interactive gadget before eating food. It is still important to eat mindfully. The basics remain the same but you can certainly reward yourself by changing the ambiance.

Have the table well prepared- squeaky clean. Appreciate the food, its texture, taste, nutritional qualities, and even how it feels to the teeth. Make sure it is well cooked- not only does it enhance the taste profile but is also easy to be digested.

While eating concentrate on all the positive aspects of the food- aroma, flavor, texture. This simple-sounding tip can convert any general meal into a feast time.

 The benefits of mindful eating extend far beyond just weight maintenance and improved digestion. It practically trains you to be patient and appreciative. It gives you some “calm time” when you can just “live the moment and savor it”. This trick can turn mealtime into a meditation session.

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Offer yourself a sufficient “margin” to enjoy your favorite foods

 Another thing to consider is to allow yourself some “margin” – a kind of free space, to enjoy your favorite foods with necessary “optimizations”. For instance, if you loved freshly fried potato chips then why not mix a few conventionally fried chips with many baked potato chips (using zero fat cooking spray)? It will not only add a fine taste variance but also help you make a gradual transition to unhealthy deep dried chips to baked chips that are much lighter. You got the point, right? Just add “lots of healthy substitutes” in the conventional snacks to get the best of both the worlds.

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Don’t feel guilty about occasional temptations

 Eating a bit too many squares of after-meal chocolate or taking an extra helping of pizza isn’t something that should make you feel guilty- provided it happens occasionally. What’s more important is to return to your healthy habits immediately after a few “unmindful eating faux pas”. 

 Allow the day to pass and start afresh when you wake up the next morning. Don’t let self-shaming tank your morale. Rather take it easy, forget the mindless snacking the previous day and make a resolution that you won’t repeat it- at least for 1 week.

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Be specific about the food portions

 Along with eating the food you need to concentrate even when you are serving yourself. What is the size of the plate or bowl? What’s the size of the serving spoon? How much “content” you have put into your plate or bowl? Compare the container and content- does it look overfilled to the edges? These are some questions to pay attention to when you serve food to yourself. It will help you avoid overeating. People generally err on this side by allowing “craving” rather than “health” determines the amount of food you serve yourself. Once inside the plate it becomes almost impossible to leave your favorite food without finishing it- even your hunger gets satiated after just completing the half plate.

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Start a Food logbook

 The first few weeks form the most crucial juncture of your post fat loss diet routine. Keep yourself disciplined through a food logbook where you can enter what you eat. Use two different ink pens- blue for healthy food and red for unhealthy snacks and junk food. It will make you mindful of the right and wrong type of foods you are consuming thus allowing you to restrain yourself before it’s too late. You may also want to keep a caloric inventory by noting down the number of calories you consume and doing the total. Remember, it is only during the first 2 weeks that you need to follow this schedule- but it plays a very important role in keeping your post fat loss health journey smooth and hurdle-free.

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Eat what you really need but avoid feeding your greed

 Whenever you feel like eating something, pause and ask yourself a question- is it my need or greed? The former is the genuine biological requirement and easily gets satiated while the latter, i.e., the Greed, has the quality to multiply as you eat which makes you overeat your meals or snacks. Needless to say, you should learn to firmly say No to your greed. Likewise, it could also be emotional eating that tricks you into feeling hungry. The best thing to get rid of this mindless eating is to replace the food with some healthy, more appropriate response to the trigger factor. For instance, if you are worried because of a hectic schedule- eating a doughnut won’t solve the issue but sorting out your priorities will. Likewise, if you are tired at the workday, ask your boss for a half-day break instead of eating several packets of cookies tricking yourself that it will spark up your energy levels.

 Identify if you have been using food as a way to comfort your emotions. If that’s the case it is better to see a psychiatrist or qualified consultant discuss the issue and as for healthier, more appropriate solutions.



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