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5 telltale signs that you desperately need more protein


Protein is required by our body to maintain a healthy functioning style. It is available in a variety of foods that can be consumed in different forms and are very easy to incorporate into your daily diet. However many people don’t get enough protein and there comes a time that the lack of protein starts showing its impacts on the body here are a few signs that indicate the lack f protein in your body

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Reduced muscle-mass

Amino acids- that form protein- helps in building your muscle mass. Insufficient protein intake thus leads to muscle loss. The symptoms include losing weight and feeling a lack of energy. If you notice such symptoms, take them as warning signs and replenish the amino acids by increasing protein in your daily meal plan.

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Decreased bone strength

High protein diet also plays a vital role in enhancing the bone profile of adults and offers energy to our brain and other organs of the body. Lack of protein compels your body to derive this energy from skeletal muscle tissues and other similar secondary sources. It makes your bones lose their original strength. This is another sign of protein deficiency.

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Irritability, low spirits and poor mood

Not many people may be aware that protein not only keeps your body in a good shape but also elevates your mood. carbohydrates boost your blood sugar levels that imbalances the mood-creating hormones and sends you in a condition of “bad mood”. This negative effect of carbohydrates is cut down by a sufficient quantity of proteins due to their slow-digesting quality. In other words, if you often find yourself in a bad mood it may be a sign of insufficient protein volume.

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Prone to weather-related ailments

Our immune system works as a warrior and powerfully resists viruses and bacteria with the help of antibodies. These antibodies are made up of protein. Moreover, protein also promotes the growth of T-cells that makes our immune system stronger and keeps germs and bacteria at a bay. The lack of protein makes you more prone to ailments; especially the ones caused by weather- cold, influenza, etc. If you often find yourself affected by such ailments then it is a high time you should consider increasing protein content.

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Brittle nails and poor hair health

When your body experiences a deficiency of protein it starts pulling off the protein from the rich reservoirs like hair and nails. As a result your hair loses sheen and volume while the nails become brittle. You may also experience both symptoms at the same time.



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