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5 telltale signs of your body that prompt you to see doctor


If you wish to enjoy a good and healthy life then it is very important to adopt the ideal lifestyle and avoid any unhealthy habits like eating lots of junk food or living an inactive, sedentary life. However, due to various reasons many of us are not able to adopt a healthy lifestyle. While it may not be possible to adopt all the healthy habits into your daily routine, you should at least incorporate as many of them as you comfortably can.

When living an unhealthy lifestyle, you cannot expect to enjoy bright health, and many times the symptoms are quite clearly written on your body. Yes, it is absolutely true- right from yellowish eyes to pale skin, every part tells your current health status. In this blog we are going to mention some of the major signs and symptoms that might indicate to some underlying serious health issue:

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Abnormal colour of your eyes

 It is often said that the eyes are a mirror of your personality but that also provides some key information about your body disorders. For instance, the yellowish eyes may be a telltale sign of disorders in the liver, gallbladder, or pancreas.

 It may also be indicating the probability of bile ducts. Likewise, if the white of your eye appears red in color it may be because of broken blood vessels. More commonly it is caused due to lack of sleep.

Especially if you have been using the eye drops without any result then it is best to see the doctor to know the main reason behind the changed color of your eye whites.

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Acnes and stains on skin

Acnes on your face not only interfere with the natural beauty but may also indicate the presence of some health disorders. The healthy skin doesn’t have breakouts. While the disease may not be the sole cause of acne, it is a good reason to see your doctor get a conclusive idea.

 Breakouts on specific parts of your face may hint to particular health issues. For instance, the imbalanced diet and sleep or lack of hygiene can cause forehead acne. Likewise, the digestive disorders can be the reason behind the acne found on your chin’s bottom.

Bacteria or genetics issues are general causes of your acne but it is always a good idea to be on the safer side instead of taking these acnes lightly.

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Too much of gas formation

 Passing gas is a general physical activity and you should not be worried if you pass gas around 15-20 times in the day. In fact, it helps in keeping your body healthy. However, if you feel the need for frequently passing gas many times during the day then it could indicate some underlying health issues.

 Start by reviewing your diet. Most possibly you are consuming the gas-causing foods. Try to lower the number of such foods and the problem should possibly be resolved. Other causes include irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, and celiac diseases.

Excessive gas can have a negative impact on different parts of your body and may also makes you irritable. So, it is always best to find out the reason behind the same and fix it before it starts interfering with your normal life activities.

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Abnormal color and texture of your nails

 The nails are not only a part of your beautiful personality but they also broadcast your health status.

 For instances the yellowing nails may hint at the probability of fluid build up in your systems as well as disturbed circulation. However, more common causes of the same are specific types of nail polishes or smoking.

 Likewise the abnormal or indented nail growth may point at underlying nutritional deficiencies.

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Feeling tired most of the time

 It is common to feel tired after doing hard work. However, if you easily get tired or lack the drive to do the work right from the beginning then it might be something to drill deeper into.

 Some of the major reasons behind abnormal tiredness are low levels of iron, dehydration, high sugar levels, lack of physical exercise, etc. Start by reviewing your diet and daily activities. Try replacing the sugar-rich foods like biscuits and cakes with iron-rich meals. Also, a sedentary lifestyle has become more common these days so you need to incorporate some active physical exercise in your daily schedule at your convenience.

You may take a walk during the morning or evening. At the workplace, as much as possible avoid using lift and use staircases. To get more specific reasons you may need to consult your doctor about eh possible causes and solutions/treatments.



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