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5 practical tips to make your body lean, healthy and agile


Overweight is one of the major health concerns. Having many additional inches around your waist not only affects your appearance but more importantly, it hurts your health too. While many people strive to reduce weight, only a few succeed. Why so? Because the latter are determined and they generally follow a specific weight loss plans. You won’t have to join a fitness center or hire a coach to follow a weight loss regime. All you have to do is to wisely set your schedule and meals to enjoy a slimmer, smarter body frame and keeping many diseases at a bay. In this guide we are going to share some of the best slimming tips to lose your weight healthily:

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Morning Workout sessions

 Starting your day with a decent workout not only helps you in losing weight but also keeps you agile whole day long. Exercises also enable our body to secrete what can be termed as “positive hormones” that induce happiness. Moreover, as per some researches doing exercise in the morning has a significantly better effect on the body than exercising at any other time of the day.

·         Try sleeping early at night so that you can enjoy the complete sleep without getting up late in the morning

·         Set alarm in such a way that even after completing your exercise schedule you should have a sufficient margin to start your day

·         Avoid eating heavy dinner at the night. It can make you lethargic which can translate to longer sleep and reduced drive to exercise in the morning

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Don’t be a “figure freak”

Weighing you once or twice in a month is fine but don’t go to extremes by checking your weight every day. It may demotivate you as healthy weight reduction programs take weeks or even months to show significant effects. Additionally, it also creates avoidable stress and may distract you from your original goals of reducing weight as your attention would be on checking figures rather than following a healthy fitness regime.

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Eat health snacks

Managing your snacks can play a vital role in the weight loss regime. More than the quantity, it is the variety and quality of snacks that matters. Are almost all the popular snacks available in the market add to your fat but did you know that there is a healthier way to enjoy snacks? They don’t need to be deep-fried, spicy, buttery, or greasy to taste good.

There are many snacks you can easily and economically prepare at home, pack in small packets, and keep it with you to satisfy your quick cravings at work, home, or while commuting. Some of the health, low/zero fat snacks include nuts, popcorn, corn flakes, sprouts, seeds and oil-free khakhra.

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Don’t mistake boredom for hunger

Many people mistake the boredom for hunger. Consider it as one of many ways our mind tricks us. So, next time if you crave a plate of French fries watching half an hour of your last meal then take a walk or just enjoy your favorite novel. Most possibly, phantom food craving will disappear after some time. For better results, incorporate your favorite hobbies in your daily routine. It will help in reducing or eliminating your food cravings.

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Avoid eating out

Eating out is one of the major reasons to add weight. You cannot blame the food joints if they serve greasy, spicy food if you ask for something tasty. We eat out to savor the food, enjoy the ambiance, and satisfy our taste buds. It is but natural that our food cravings will multiply in such an atmosphere and our mindset is already prepared to caress rather than control these cravings.

Your takeaway- avoids eating out when you are on your weight loss plan. Restaurants or food joints are the permanent favorites for enjoying family weekends. So, you also need to replace restaurants with some other recreational center. Packing your homemade healthy snacks and enjoying it with your family in a neighboring garden can be an excellent way to follow your weight loss plan without compromising with weekend family entertainment.

3 bonus tips

·         Try incorporating as many fruits as possible- especially the ones that have rich water content like watermelon and oranges. These fruits help you feel fuller, faster without getting fatter.

·         Chewing your food well not only helps you to savor every bit of the taste and fully appreciate its texture but also enables your body to fully absorb the nutrients. Eat slowly and chew your food properly.

·         Out of sight, out of mind. You don’t generally add chemicals, preservatives, and other fat increasing flavor-enhancers while preparing your food but it is there in your snacks. Did you ever think that your uncontrollable cravings could be due to the ready availability of tasty, fatty snacks? If you haven’t tried it before just think of taking those packets, jars, and wrappers out of your home.


Following a wisely designed active schedule and managing your food consumption can go a long way in overweight management. It allows you to lose extra kilos without compromising your energy intake. In this guide, we have explained some of the best tips to reduce your weight without starving yourself.



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