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5 organic home remedies to enjoy fair and flawless skin


A clear complexion plays an important role in defining beauty as well as indicating the health of a person. We all wish to have clear and fair skin but not all of us are naturally endowed with it. Thankfully there are several ways to improve the skin texture and complexion. One such way is to exfoliate your skin. Instead of using chemical-laden harmful exfoliates in the market, you can also make your own exfoliates and facial masks at home using natural ingredients. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best natural exfoliants/facemasks you can easily prepare e at home:

Vegetables, Fresh, Tomatoes


As a good source of lycopene tomatoes offers reliable protection against the harmful effects of the sun and can act as an ideal organic skin lightening solution. It also has a good amount of friendly nutrients that ca effectively fight acne issues.

Make tomato pulp

Mix a little lemon juice to it

Make into a fine paste

Apply it gently all over your face and keep it for around 35 minutes

Wash it properly with cold and clean tap water

Yogurt, Fruit, Vanilla, Strawberries


 Yogurt comes with excellent complexion brightening qualities that make it an ideal material to prepare effective facial masks at home. You need to opt for the fresh yogurt as the continuous bacteria activity in yogurt can change its chemical structure.

Take two teaspoons f freshly prepared play homemade yogurt

Add 1 teaspoon of honey into it

Mix well to form a paste

Gently rub a generous quantity all over your face

Allow it to sit for 15 minutes

Use cold water to wash it away

Turmeric, Spice, Curry, Seasoning


 Turmeric has been used for centuries as a dependable method for gaining fair skin complexion. It is one of the most essential ingredients found in every kitchen. Applying homemade turmeric facial scrub can protect your face from harmful factors that darken your complexion and result in dark patches.

Take one tablespoon of turmeric powder and mix it with 3 teaspoons of lime juice

Form a fine paste by mixing it properly

Apply it well on to your skin and they allow it to stay for 15 minutes

Wash it off

Note: Don’t worry if your face looks yellowish post the facial treatment. It will regain the natural complexion after some time.

Drops Of Milk, Spray, Splash


 Milk has excellent cleansing effects and thus makes effective homemade scrubbers to gain lighten your skin tone. You can double the goodness by mixing it with an ideal amount of honey that also has outstanding benefits for skin

Take one teaspoon of it and mix it with the same amount of honey

Form a fine paste

Apply it gently all over your face

While applying massage your face so at the skin can easily absorb the solution

Note: Fat milk is the best kind of milk to use for preparing the scrub

Lemon, Lemons, Fruit, Citrus Fruit


Lemon is loaded with several brilliant qualities that can effectively fight the issues that interfere with your skin beauty like blemishes and dark spots. While lemon is known to be a tangy and strong food, it is highly beneficial for your skin. It is also proven to lightening the complexions of your skin thus giving you a fairer appearance

Cut a medium-sized lemon in two equal parts

Take one part and rub it gently over your face leaving delicate areas

Allow it to stay for 10 minutes and then properly wash your face.


Don’t go in the sun immediately after applying lemon scrub

Be careful while applying around the delicate areas like eyes.


While there are several defoliants and face masks available lint e-market promising instant effects, it is recommended to avoid these chemical exfoliates as many of them may do more harm than good. The best option to exfoliating your skin and enjoying an appealing complexion is to prepare your organic masks and exfoliates at home. You can enjoy the best goodness of fresh ingredients in the natural form and derive the best benefits out of them.



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