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5 major symptoms of overtraining on your body system


While workout helps you to lose weight and build muscles you should be careful not to overexert yourself. While it is true that increasing workout session accrues more benefits there is a limit beyond which you should not exert your body. Just make sure that you don’t cross that limit. Here are some symptoms that indicate that you are overtraining. Taking a cue from these symptoms need t lower down your training accordingly

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Increased heart rate that takes long time to be normalized

While it is common for our heart rate to increase during workouts, it generally comes back to normal after a reasonable time. However, if you feel difficulty in breathing due to increased heartbeats long after the workout session or if this condition persists for the entire day, then you are most possibly experiencing the after-effects of overtraining.

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Poorer performance despite of increased workout session

Overtraining saps you of your energy and directly impacts your performance. The symptoms include reaction delays, sluggish speed and quickly feeling tired. If you feel that you are losing stamina, strength, and agility even while increasing the training volume then it is most likely a case of overtraining.

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Mood swings

Along with the above said physical signs some psychological signs point to the possibility of overtraining. It happens because exercise also affects mood-related hormones like epinephrine or cortisol. As a result, you start feeling a very high level of irritability, easily get distracted, and frequently switch between extreme moods without any reason. If you are going through such symptoms then you should immediately consider balancing your training.

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Too much tiredness

Once you have used up the “primary energy quota” the body starts extracting energy from protein, fats, and carbs which results in lower energy. It has very palpable effects in the form of abnormally high fatigue and a feeling of exerting energy even while walking or doing general physical chores.

Note: Keep in mind that such conditions generally occur during the initial period or randomly but they get normalized after a few days. If it happens too often or persists for many days, it can be a sign of overtraining.

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Lack of sleep

For maintaining a healthy body profile you need to find a fine balance between training and rest. Just like many other body functions, sleep is also determined and affected by specific hormones. These hormones get disturbed due to overtraining and as a result, the intensity and duration of your sleep are decreased. If you have suddenly started experiencing insomnia without any other psychological reason (like depression, etc.) then it is most probably due to overtraining.




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