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5 hobbies with outstanding health benefits for body and mind


Hobbies not only help us to enjoy our free time but also play an effective role in shaping our overall personality. Gardening makes us more concerned about the environment. Painting helps us to polish our designing skills and gain a keen sense of visual imaging. Likewise, other hobbies also add different aspects to our personality thus allowing us to emerge as a strong personality. But did you know that hobbies can also help in keeping us physically and mentally fit? We are about to reveal some scientifically proven facts on how different hobbies can positively impact your overall health:

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Dance: An excellent exercise that you’d enjoy and benefit from

Dancing is an excellent way to simultaneously exercise multiple parts of your body providing numerous health benefits. As opposed to generic exercise options, dancing is a more engaging, enjoyable, and sustainable way to shape up your body and strengthen the muscles.

Unlike many other fitness exercises, you don’t need any special equipment, exercise caution, or follow hard and fast rules. What’s more, you can even optimize the movements, speed, and flow to suit your preferences and caliber.

 You won’t have to be a great dancer to enjoy the fitness benefits of dancing. Just play your most favorite number and slowly start calibrating your body to its tunes. Before you know, you would be dancing.

 Another best thing about dancing is that being a social activity it can also offer you psychological benefits thus ensuring a complete body-mind well being.

 Cardio Workout: For enhancing your cardiovascular health profile, making your bones and muscles stronger, and accelerating your overall physical stamina


Year: 2011

Particulars: Cochrane Review involving 94 studies

Total Participants: 9917

Result: Dancing for 3 more days a week suggest better balance management in elderly individuals thus promising better and safe movement with less dependency.

 Dancing has therapeutic effects on the brain as well and regular dancing can effectively lower down the probabilities of various brain disorders especially in elderly people.

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Gardening for enjoying a wholesome brain development

 It may sound strange but gardening can also be a great way to stay fit physically and mentally. Though done at a normal pace without stretching your limits, the different actions involved in gardening like planting, using tools, watering, pulling weeds, and preparing soil have a positive impact on your stamina and strength.

It also helps in making your muscles more flexible. Overall gardening does offer some benefits of aerobic exercises.


 Particulars: PLOS

Year: 2014

Outcome: When done along with regular cycling, gardening can help the elderly population to consume an appropriate amount of vitamin D by spending a decent time outdoors. It saves them from Vitamin D deficiency and various health problems associated with it.

 In another study by Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden it was found that gardening can also play a vital role in lowering down the risk of heart attack as well as stroke. In that particular study, a reduction of as high as 30 percent was noticed in these instances among the participants who practiced gardening regularly.

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Writing: Great exercise for the mind with (+ some physical benefits too)

 Writing is considered to be a sedentary task and linking any health benefit to it might seem a bit awkward. The reality however is that it could be a great way to keep your mind and body fit.

 Some studies suggest a strong link between writing about relevant disease experience and improvement in the symptoms of chronic health conditions.

 Writing has also been proved beneficial in quicker healing of wounds.

 Along with the act of writing the topic also plays a vital role in influencing its therapeutic impact on wounds. For instance, it was found that writing about the most traumatic life experience is more efficient in healing wounds when compared to writing about regular plans. It can be believed that the intensity of the topic from the standpoint of an individual can determine the healing properties of writing.

Writing also helps in improving self-expression which can boost confidence and make one feel better valued. Moreover, it can be an excellent tool for people with social disorders to connect with society through healthy participation in social media conversations and blogging.

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Music: Reduces anxiety and improves pain management

Most of us treat music as a pastime but did you know that it can also double as an efficient therapy to heal various physical and psychological issues? That’s right. The effect of music on neurochemistry had been established by several pieces of research by highly authentic medical bodies and experts.

 In one of the reviews on a combined study by different researchers it was found that along with reducing anxiety and stress levels the music accelerates the immune system of the human body. It also plays a vital role in healing depression. Playing music is also associated with an anxiety reduction especially just before going through demanding or tense situations (like appearing for an interview or examination) and lower levels of cortical stress hormone.

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Pets: Make you stress-free and keep you fit

 Have you ever noticed how quickly the entire stress of your hectic workday washes down as soon as your pet friend greets you excitedly when you arrive home. It isn’t just due to the emotional attachment but there is also a strong scientific reason behind this. For instance, your canine friend can prompt you to take a walk in the refreshing air offering excellent health benefits for the mind and body. Also, the bird pets could be great social companions for lonely people or the ones who cannot/don’t prefer to remain outside for long hours. Along with these obvious benefits pets can also help your health in various other ways like :

Managing Blood pressure

Keeping Cholesterol levels under control

Triglyceride levels management

Relieving loneliness

All these factors when combined don’t only keep you away from many physical and psychological disorders but also transform your outlook towards life.



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