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5 Best Ways to Overcome Depression


Depression is one of the major psychological problem that negatively impact the life quality and stunts the overall growth of an individual. While in most cases, seeing psychologists is considered to be the best solution, in some initial cases you can also self-heal your depression. Also if you are going through therapy it is always good to adopt healthy habits that will help you fight depression in a better way. By adopting the self-healing tactics, you can speed up the recovery with more sustainable results. In this post we are going to share some of the best and actionable tips that will help you to overcome depression and anxiety:

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Yours is not a rare case

 Don’t think that you are among just a handful of persons going through this tough mental phase. A large number of people across different countries of the world struggle with depression and go through similar emotions, feelings, hurdles, and mental disturbances. Don’t picture yourself to be in an awkward everlasting situation.

The bleak situation that may seem to be a permanent phase at this point can be a part of the past after some time. Think about the brighter, better future which isn’t very distant provided you take the right steps in time. Don’t judge or belittle yourself. Embrace your imperfections and learn from your failures.

Love yourself unconditionally and value your life. Instead of looking for a massive moment of happiness by achieving unrealistic or huge goals, try living each moment to its fullest and finding joy in each moment. A good meal, a warm cup of tea, your favorite sitcom or just playing with your pets- all these are small yet important joys of your life that can help in mitigating your depression.

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Express your emotions instead of hiding them

 Don’t make a dam around your feelings as they can simmer and stagnate if not expressed outwardly. If you are depressed because you aren’t getting a job or going through a relationship issue, and want to cry then holding your tears will worsen the situation. Instead, cry and be free.

For better results, you can also call someone whom you can trust fully and tell them about your issues with an open heart. If that makes you feel uncomfortable then find a place where you are all alone and give an adequate outlet to your feelings in your preferred way. However, make sure that the purpose is to take the burden off your heart and head by throwing out your negative feelings.

So, stop harboring those negative feelings once you express them outwardly. It might not be an easy task but with some practice, you should see success.

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There is always a brighter tomorrow

 Life is a journey of lows and highs which means at the end of every low phase a better tomorrow awaits for you. Keep your eye on that better tomorrow. If you haven’t achieved your goals within a month or two it doesn’t mean that you can never achieve them.

You might have already started walking ahead in your journey and reached the middle- without even realizing it. Even if you are struggling with failures, don’t let them discourage you. Rather look at them as challenges that you need to and you can surpass.

Each tomorrow brings new hope and a fresh perspective. So remain optimistic. Also, develop the practical aspect of your brain by learning from your mistakes and making the right strategies to avoid them the next time.

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Make a notebook of positive aspects of your life

 During the phase of depression, many people tend to magnify a single negative thing and ignore several positive instances of your life. So, make it a habit to find and appreciate the things that have happened to you in the past or are happening in the present. Make notebooks for different positive things that are happening in your life. It will gradually help you form a positive outlook towards life.

Minutely analyze the days, relations, and special occasions, etc., and look for the positive things/qualities. Jot down those positive aspects in your notebook. When feeling depressed you can go through this notebook of positivity to lift your spirits.

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Cancel the negative suggestions with positive logical reasoning

 Depression can alter your thought process and suppress the positive encouraging voice. Instead of allowing it to maneuver your train of thoughts in the wrong direction, try to identify this negative depression-induced thought process and think logically.

Cancel each negative thought with a positive statement. It will make you mentally prepared to respond favorably to the self-help process..

 The negative thoughts make you passive and lethargic. For instance, it may make you feel too bored or tired to go for a walk in a nearby garden. At such moments, avoid being passive but react actively without a second thought. Just stand up and get ready for the walk.

Likewise, if you want to go gardening then just go to your lawn and start instead of deciding whether or not you should go. The bottom line is, stop giving choices to your depressed brain but instantly act on the healthy option. It isn’t easy but with the time you can get a good hold over this trick.



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