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5 best homemade organic scrubs to remove skin impurities


Firm and bright skin not only enhances our overall beauty but also indicates good health. To enjoy good skin you need to adapt, along with a healthy diet, a good personal care regime.

Every day our skin comes into contact with pollutants and is open to changing weather. Collectively, it interferes with the natural appearance of its complexion and, if left unattended, it can also cause dermatological issues over time. So, one of the effective methods to enhance skin health is to clean away the pollutants and impurities with the help of gentle scrubs.

Instead of buying chemical-laden scrubs from the market that can harm your delicate skin, it would be a wonderful idea to use the organic and safe homemade scrubs that fight the impurities and pollutants without damaging your delicate skin. We have compiled a list of best scrubs for skin and the benefits they offer:

Salt, Nature, Eat, Food, Spice, Salt

Salt for deep cleaning

Salt works as a wonderful natural (and gentle) scrub for exfoliating your entire body- thanks to its excellent properties to remove the dead skin that causes rough and dry patches. There are different natural options available for scrubbing. Salt also acts wonders for scrubbing away the residue from your feat and offering the best and safe exfoliating experience.

Note: Salt exfoliates can cause a burning sensation or stinging feeling if you have sensitive skin. So, make sure to first try a tentative quantity on your skin before incorporating it in your daily personal cleaning regime.

Seeds, Flaxseed, Sesame, Snack, Healthy

Flaxseed Scrub- Mild way to remove impurities

 Flaxseeds are excellent options for preparing an effective scrub that is mild on skin and mighty on aging factors. It is also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that provide powerful anti-inflammation properties. Flaxseeds keep the skin hydrated and being of very gentle texture they are even recommendable for super sensitive skin that is prone to acne.

White, Sweet, Calories, Sugar In Pieces

Sugar for gentle scrubbing

As opposed to salt-based scrub, the sugar scrub doesn’t make your skin burn or sting which makes it a go-to option, regardless of the sensitivity of your skin. It also makes sugar scrubs a safer option for scrubbing areas with delicate skin like your face. What’s more, you can use sugar scrub even for your lips.

Moreover as it doesn’t have a stinging effect, sugar is also the ideal option during the instances when you wish to shave unwanted body hair and at the same time scrubbing them.

Cereal, Food, Grain, Healthy, Fibres

Oats for revealing fresh skin

 Oats help you to create very gentle yet highly effective exfoliates that can be used to exfoliate body and face.   It is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids that offer a wealth of advantages for the skin. It loses the dead cells and facilitates the appearance of underlying fresh skin which offers a young, fresh look to your skin.

Coffee, Coffee Beans, Grain Coffee

Coffee to fight stretch marks and scrub feet

 Coffee accelerates collagen productions which are the fundamental requirement of healthy skin. Moreover, coffee is also found to treat cellulite at an effective level. When used in the cube form coffee can also help in fighting the stretch marks. Coffee can also be used as a powerful scrub for your feet and when you add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil it multiplies into a strong natural anti aching agent and odor repellent for your feet.


While the scrubs available in the market claim to offer instant relief to your skin, many of them use chemicals to prompt the exfoliating process. Over a long time, it may cause permanent damage to the skin. So, a wiser idea would be to go for organic freshly prepared scrub by using organic exfoliating agents sans chemicals.



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