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5 Best Herbs to Relieve You from Stress Symptoms


Stress is one of the major psychological conditions that can severely impact the life quality. While there isn’t any sure cure for stress, there are certain ways to mitigate its effects. Along with some therapies and lifestyle changes, the researches prove that taking specific herbal supplements can also improve things. These herbs are packed with specific adaptogen qualities that adapt your body to stress.

Ensure that you exert proper care before taking herbal supplements for stress. While several herbal supplements are being claimed to act as excellent advantages, it is not easy to differentiate genuine, tested claims from marketing gimmicks. So, it is wise to check with your physician before taking any herbal advantages for stress.

In this article we are going to mention some of the ideal herbal supplements for stress and the related symptoms.

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 Insomnia or lack of adequate sleep is a major cause behind stress. Ironically enough, stress not only causes insomnia but also increases it thus making things all the more difficult.

 Our body is governed by an internal biological clock called circadian rhythm that prompts it to sleep and wake up. Natural light facilitates staying awake while darkness makes us sleepy. The circadian ecosystem is controlled by the natural hormone melatonin. Thus any issue in Melatonin invariably affects our body.

 In a study it was found that increasing melatonin can help people with primary sleep disorder sleep quicker while also improving the quality and time of sleeping.

 Also for the sleep disorders caused by depression, chronic stress, etc. the melatonin can enhance sleeping time.

 Melatonin is naturally produced by the body but people with a lack of melatonin can take melatonin supplements to regulate their sleeping cycle and enhance the quality of sleep.

 It is best to buy melatonin after consulting your physician and taking the dosage as she/he recommends. Also, avoid taking high doses in the starting.  

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Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a highly potent herb that enhances our stress resistance capacity by accelerating the stress response mechanism of our body. Rosavin and Salidroside are two vital ingredients of Rhodiola Rosea that offer its adaptogenic properties.

In a study it was found that the herb also works efficiently to minimize the symptoms related to extreme fatigue like short-term memory loss, distraction, and inferior quality of sleep. It proved that these symptoms can be reduced within 7 days by taking around 400 mg of Rhodiola extract.

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 Tea Leaves contain L-Theanine an effective amino acid that lowers down stress levels and brings about relaxation sans any sedative impact on an individual.

 L-Theanine combines with caffeine to help people fight fatigue and stress.

 L-Theanine can significantly reduce the Stress symptoms like fast heart rate.

 Doing demanding tasks or multitasking is another reason behind increased levels of cortisol- a stress hormone. However, it was found that consuming I-theanine-containing beverages can reduce cortisol levels thus help in avoiding the stress built-up. One thing to note here is that along with I-theanine the beverages also contained other nutrients.

 For the best results it is recommended to take at least 200 mg of L-theanine but depending upon the need it can be increased up to 600 mg- as per the prescription by the physician.  

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As the name suggests the Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that improves your body’s resistance power against stress and greatly reduces the associated symptoms.

 Ashwaygandah has also been found highly effective in lowering down the levels of the stress hormone cortisol- especially at the beginning of the day. The herb also eases depression, and actively helps the body to fight anxiety and stress.

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B complex vitamins

 B complex vitamins are a set of the entire family of B vitamins (total 8). These vitamins regulate the metabolism process by converting consumed food into energy. They also help in improving heart and brain functionalities. Some of the major sources of B vitamins is dairy products, grains, leafy greens, legumes, etc.

 Ideal dosage of B vitamins can reduce the amino acid and homocysteine levels in the blood thus reducing stress symptoms and preventing mood disorders.

 Homocysteine can lead to several harmful effects like dementia, cardiovascular issues.  Thus by reducing Homocysteine B vitamins plays a vital role in saving us from all these negative impacts.

Studies prove that vitamin B complex can significantly bring down the stress symptoms related to work like anger, depression, and fatigue. It makes it an effective supplement for the workers involved in physically mentally demanding jobs.

 With the adequate combination of mineral and multivitamin supplement (including B vitamin family) mood and also reduces the effects of anxiety and stress. It is also associated with increased energy levels.

 By reducing homocysteine levels the vitamin B (along with other vitamins) can enhance the mood while also lowering down the stress levels.

 Keep in mind that a higher dosage of vitamin B complex can result in nerve pain. That said it is water-soluble so that additional levels are generally flushed out of the body.



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