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16 powerful herbs and food supplements to reduce your weight faster


An ideal weight loss plan should include a fine blend of multiple lifestyle changes- right from physical exercises and specific diet programs to taking proper sleep. Certain foods, beverages, herbs, and supplements play a vital role in speeding up your weight loss plan.

When you wisely incorporate these fat-burning components in your daily schedule you would be able to realize better outcomes and sustainable benefits out of your weight loss plan. So, we have compiled this comprehensive list of different ingredients that will actively help you to reduce extra kilos and inches from your body and don a chiseled, appealing figure. Along with enhancing your overall personality and beauty it will also induce a feeling of agility and help you feel more energizing throughout the day:

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Neem has a high fiber content that reasonably slows down the pace of digestion. It makes you feel full for a wider period and thus reduces your calorie intake.  

 Neem is rich in components that regulate your metabolism and thus helps you burn a good amount of calories faster. Every time you burn calories you go nearer to your weight reduction goal.

 One of the factors that promote weight gain is inflammation caused by harmful chemicals. Neem can drive to prevent inflammation by driving those harmful chemicals out of your body.

 Neem promotes easy absorption of vital nutrients while at the same time preventing fat absorptions. So you get the best of both the worlds- enjoying maximum nutritional benefits out of your food and at the same time keeping fat away.

 Regular drinking of neem juice regulates your digestive systems and cleanses your stomach. It also helps in breaking down body fat which again helps in reducing the weight. To be frank neem juice doesn’t have a welcoming taste but you can enhance its flavor profile by adding lemon and honey to it. Not only will it sound much better but this concoction will also multiply up the metabolism-related benefits.

Ganoderma Lucidum Bonsai, Reishi Bonsai


Ganoderma helps in reducing inflammation while helping friendly gut bacteria to thrive. It also possesses the quality to minimize insulin resistance probabilities. However, Ganoderma is more effective in the case where the high-fat diet is consumed. People on a normal diet may not realize the same extent of benefits out of it. It was also suggested that mushroom extract can act as a prebiotic for overweight individuals to reduce the probabilities of gaining weight while also lowering down the possibility of insulin resistance an chronic inflammation.

 Of late the studies suggest that there are specific species of gut bugs that directly influence the energy release and digestion process. It has also been found that gut bugs of slim people are different than those of the fat people. Thus increasing digestion/energy release friendly gut bugs can be a strong aid t weight loss plans.

Ganoderma is also believed to promote the growth of microbiome that can aid in weight management (both gain and loss) and also helps us pull the energy out of the food we consume.  

Spirulina, Alga, Vegetable Proteins


Spirulina has proven qualities to accelerate an individual’s metabolic rate that increases the capability of burning calories. With more volume of calories burnt in less time, it would be easier for you to reduce the weight. For sure you can’t expect any benefit by just taking some spirulina daily and neglecting other weight loss exercises. Noni can accelerate the impact of other weight loss activities. Don’t use it as a substitute for workout sessions or a healthy eating schedule.

A study demonstrated that regular consumption of spirulina for a minimum period of 3 months can enhance the BMI profile of your body.

Aloe, Aloe Vera, Life, Bless You, Plant

Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera assists in accelerates metabolic rate thus increasing the fat-burning capabilities of your body. It also helps in converting store fat of your body into energy which further multiplies the outcome of your weight loss program.

 Aloe Vera also acts as a metabolism booster and blood sugar controller. With regulated metabolism and blood sugar levels under check, it becomes easier for your body to lose extra pounds.

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Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil can enhance your digestive system by lubricating the colon. Moreover, it also helps in soon constipation working as an organic laxative. As a result, you can flush out more toxins and waste. Collectively it plays a vital role n losing weight.

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 Among other issues, one of the major concerns of people on a low-fat diet is to fight with the sickness like flu and cold. By incorporating colostrums into their daily diet the person can strengthen the body resistance against infirmity.

 If you wish to lose your weight and build muscles at the same time then seriously consider combining high protein intake with colostrums

Turmeric, Spice, Curry, Seasoning


 In lab studies it was found that curcumin can have relevant qualities that help in the suppression of specific inflammatory elements that cause obesity. It is worth mentioning that obese people have higher levels of inflammatory markers. In simple words, eating turmeric can help such people in a weight-reduction plan.

  In one study it was found that people who were not able to succeed in weight loss plans showed a significant decrease in weight after being administered 1600 mg curcumin regularly (800mg twice). It also helps in decreasing the hip and waist circumference as well as body mass index.

It is worth mentioning that those people were also been administered 8 mg of piperine a black pepper compound that aids in better absorption o curcumin. Studies also prove that curcumin actively promotes the adiponectin metabolism-regulating hormone of the body.

Asparagus Racemosus, Satavar, Shatavari


To be honest, a good level of research is yet to be conducted to determine the exact benefits of Shatavari in reducing weight. For now, western science and Ayurveda have different views on Shatavari’s effect as a fat reducing supplement. The western medical science has its doubts which can only be cleared after a good amount of research.

However, Ayurveda says that Shatavari has to strengthen and rejuvenating properties that allow it to enhance the immune system making it potent enough to combat various external and internal infections. Some of these infections can influence weight.

Yogurt, Fruits, Blackberries, Currants


Whey enjoys a reputation of competent appetite suppresser but it also has other qualities that can indirectly help you in losing weight. It helps in building muscles thus allowing you to gain that chiseled look which motivates you to work harder towards achieving your weight reduction goals. But there is a deeper science involved here. Did you know that muscles possess a better metabolic rate when compared to the fat? In other words, having more muscles (instead of fat content) will accelerate metabolism rate and further speed up the featuring process. Whey is also known to help you burn a higher volume of calories thus reducing those extra kilos.

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 Caffeine (methylxanthine)aids your body’s system to efficiently break down giant fat molecules, converting them into energy in the process. Caffeine also acts as a control nervous system stimulator which ultimately makes it easier for you to lose fat.

 By stimulating the central nervous system the caffeine facilitates the releasing of specific nutrients and molecules including accumulated fat which is yet to be converted to energy by burning it. In a study, it was found that administering caffeine before starting workout sessions helped the volunteers to burn more calories during the session.

It was also noticed that they needed fewer calories to refill the post-workout session. So caffeine not only helps you reduce your fat but also keeps a healthy tab on calorie consumption. When consumed in modest quantities caffeine can help you to reduce the weight. Make sure to restrict the daily intake limit to 400mg.

Green Tea, Drink, Chinese, Ceramics

Green tea

Brown adipose tissue thermogenesis is a particular type of fat cells that accelerate the metabolic rate and thus aids in losing weight. Green tea can stimulate these cells which eventually allow you to burn fatter and thus multiplies the impact of your fat loss plan.

The green tea extract can also help to hike the fat oxidation by as much as 33 percent. However, these benefits are due to specific compounds of green tea so ensure that your supplement has the ideal volume of those compounds- 50% EGCG and 90% polyphenols.

 Your body naturally produces an amino acid called Glutamine which resides in your muscles. These hardworking acids are involved in multitasking- muscle repairing, healthy gut maintenance blood sugar-stabilizing, etc. It also acts as a metabolism booster. In a study, it was found that regularises of Glutamine supplements for 4 weeks facilitated weight loss in people even without changing the diet.

Garcinia Cambogia, Malabar Tamarind

HCA (Hydroxycitric acid)

HCA is a supplement that is extracted from the salt that resides in the rind of Garcinia a dried fruit plan of Southeast Asia. This supplement acts as an appetite suppressor and metabolism accelerator. It is also associated with reducing fat absorption.

In a study, it was found that HCA supplement aids in reducing the visceral amount and also lowering down the total fat volume and subcutaneous.  However, if your main objective behind taking HCA is to reduce weight then make sure that it is either labeled pure HCA supplement or has garcinia extract with HCA, not below 50%.

Cayenne Pepper, Chilli, Red Pepper

Cayenne pepper

It is proven that you can reduce your calorie cravings by taking cayenne pepper capsule containing half a teaspoon content. In another study, it was found that incorporating capsaicin in your daily meals will help in accelerate metabolic activity by up to 20% with its effects last up to 2 hours.

It is also found to act as a metabolism regulator thanks to one of its compounds capsinoids that activate both white ad brown fat cells that influence metabolism. Capsaicin assists in activating the sympathetic nervous system the adrenaline controller of your system.  

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Vitamin D

 While vitamin D is mainly associated with high spirits and keeping depression at bay, it also has a role to play in pushing away the obesity. Vitamin D ensures the proper functioning of different system receptors including those that influence fat burning and appetite.

Thus vitamin D’s deficiency affects the capabilities of these receptors and thus causes imbalanced hunger and more accumulation of unburned fat which leads to weight gain. In a study, it was found that people who combined Vitamin Intake in along with their weight loss plan were able to realize the significantly better result than the ones who just altered their diet but didn’t increase Vitamin Intake.

Matcha Latte, Hot, Matcha, Beverage, Tea


While Green tea, in general, possesses potent health burning capabilities, a specific type of green tea by the name Matcha was found to have a better impact than the loose green tea leaves. In this study, it was discovered that daily consumption of 3 grams of matcha can help a person burn more fat at the time of physical exercises. It is worth mentioning that this study was conducted on women group.

Coffee, Cup, Beverage, Black, Caffeine

Black Tea

Black tea is also known to act as a fat loss stimulator and metabolism booster. It has a significant inventory of polyphenols including flavonoids a type of powerful weight burning antioxidants.

 Black tea’s polyphenol lowers down the calorie intake and promotes the breakdown of fats along with accelerating good gut bacteria.

 A study revealed that drinking 3 cups of tea regularly can help in losing more kilos and inches.

This tea is also found to help women lose more fat around the belly and lower areas.


Our daily consumption determines our physical health and functioning capabilities of internal organs. So, one of the best ways o lose your weightiest take specific herbal components and food supplements that can stimulate various functions in your body that influence your weight like metabolism, fat burning, lower fat absorption, etc. By following this guide you would be able to burn more calories while reducing the fat absorption and also positively optimize other bodily functions. The readers are advised total advice from their family doctor before practically following any tip mentioned in the guide.



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