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15 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight


Beginning a weight loss journey is a super personal thing. It’s all up to you in what direction you will take your journey.

The thing is losing weight is not a simple thing; here, consistency requires more than effort.

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First, you need to challenge your lifestyle. Yoga, exercise, and running are not enough for losing weight. Right from eating healthy, managing stress, relaxing to make a sleep priority, you have to work in all areas. If you want to be successful in Weight loss journey then you should be consistent and serious about your weight loss goals. In this blog, we will tell you the 15 healthy ways that will help you in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

Important Alert! No crash diet is allowed.

Top 15 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

Follow these painless tips that streamline your workout, improve your diet, and help you lose weight.

  1. Pregame for meals with water: Water improves your digestion and prevents yourself from bloating. Drinking two glasses of water before half an hour of meals can make you full so that you can eat less. It’s a painless hack to consume less food.
  2. breakfastEat breakfast: No matter how fast you need to lose weight, never skip breakfast. Your body needs the energy to function properly. So, it would help if you eat a healthy and carbs free breakfast so that your body can work efficiently in the morning. If you skip breakfast, you will feel low and weak and can suffer from anemia as well. Leaving you feeling hungry is a painful weight loss plan. So, it is advisable to eat light and healthy breakfast food.
  3. Don’t make dinner your most massive meal: Research suggests that people who eat fatty food in dinner cannot lose weight because it increases fats and makes them lazy as well. So, keep your dinner light and fiber full. Eating raw salad, or making fiber-based food is the best diet plan. It doesn’t help you lose weight but also improves your digestion.

  4. Take a break from soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks: Of Course, you plane water and unsweetened tea don’t make you happy, but they can help you in losing weight. You can drastically reduce Weight by avoiding sugar-sweetened drinks. It’s a pretty painless way to lose weight.Sweet drinks

  5. Eat fruit for dessert: I know you love to eat sweets after dinner, but if you want to accomplish your weight loss goals on time, then you have to avoid sweets. But, you can include fiber-rich fruit for dessert. They are super delicious in taste and also boost your metabolism.Best Vitamins for Skin
  6. Phase-out salty snacks: We love to eat chips, and popcorn when watching favorite shows on Netflix, but they are ugly cousins of our diet plan. So, replace the bowl of chips with a raw salad or an  antioxidant drink like green tea. Although they don’t offer you  delicious taste, they offer numerous benefits to your body.
  7. Avoid sugar-free gums, bubbly drinks, beans, and other salty, gassy foods: As I said, these are painless tips, after reading the seventh tip you may be thinking I lied to you. No, I was not laying. These all are painless tips for the people who have great self-control. Rather stick to bubbly drinks, drink fresh fruit juice, eat unsalted nuts, and lean on protein. I assure you that once you include these things in your diet plan, you will feel more energized without residual bloating.
  8. When you eat, slow down- nix distractions: It takes time for the stomach to tell your brain you are no longer hungry. To help your brain register fullness, eat slowly, and focus on the food. Never eat food while seeing a web series, and movies because your focus completely shifts from eating food to watching movies, and you eat more than your stomach requires. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or not, never eat while watching an engaging TV show or movie.
  9. Focus on the high-intensity workout: Belly breathing is not enough to lose weight. It would help if you shifted from a walk to a run. Include high-intensity workouts like squats, burpees, straight-ups, and sprints. Let’s face it high-intensity workouts are more effective than aerobics because they burn your fat faster.
    Start your day with Exercise

  10. Make exercise a regular thing: Well, doing exercise twice a week is better than doing nothing, but if you are serious about your fitness goals, then exercise daily. Doing one set of crunches doesn’t make your body lean. You have to include some intensive workouts, do cycling twice a week, or go jogging in the evening to burn the fats. And make sure to be consistent. We advise you to put your workout on your social calendar that will help you in achieving consistency and seriousness.

  11. Watch workout videos: When you feel low, and think to leave the weight loss goals in the middle of the journey, watch workout videos. It will always keep you motivated towards your weight loss goals.

  12. Make sleep a serious priority: When you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel tired the next day. Sleep is necessary because it makes your mind rejuvenate and body relax and gives you enough energy so that you can work out in the morning effortlessly. Sleep is the best way to conserve energy. We don’t advise you to sleep just after having dinner, walk at least 100 steps after eating food and then head to the bed. It would be good if you drink one glass of water before sleep.

  13. Stay in your lane: Do what works for you and don’t compare yourself with anyone. Never confuse yourself; just push your limits to achieve weight loss goals on time.
  14. Double down green veggies: Whenever possible, eat only green veggies because it comes with lots of antioxidants and vitamin c that are good in weight loss.

  15. Give yourself a GD break: One bad meal day doesn’t make any difference, so take a GD break once in a month and eat whatever you live

Final Say

That’s all!

Let us know which tip you are going to add to your weight loss plan.


Kiran Sharma

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