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11 forgotten home remedies that still work wonders


At one point in time, most of the health disorders and ailments were treated at home through home remedies. However, in modern times people started becoming more dependent on over counter. Right from the common cold to eczema, each health issue is now being treated through these branded medicines – a practice that has sent many of the effective home remedies into oblivion. Nevertheless, these safe and competent remedies haven’t lost their competency, and then followed the right way they can offer an excellent way to treat health disorders in a safe, chemical-free way. In this post we are going to present a list of the best home remedies that still work today:

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Healing eye-bags with the help of teabags

 Tea offers hundreds of health benefits. There several ways in which tea regulates our internal processes and actively aids in preventing or curing certain diseases/ailments. For instance, if you are suffering from puffy eyes or swelled skin around your eyes then you can use tea bags to get rid of them.

For that take 2 wet tea bags and wring them out gently. Cool it for some time in a refrigerator. Now close your eyes and put the bags over them. It happens due to tea’s key element- caffeine, which shrinks the blood vessels of areas surrounding your eyes.

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Salt to heal a sore throat

You must have come across the awkward situation in winters when the mere act of swallowing food or water seems intimidating due to a sore throat. An unpleasant stinging feeling constantly irritates your throat- that’s the best possible way to describe the condition.

One of the old yet effective home remedies is to pour around 8 ounces of warm water into a cup and mix 1 teaspoon of salt. Gargle well for some time in such a way that the salty water properly touches your internal throat. Some people also suggest swallowing the remaining half cup but gargling is the appropriate way to gain the benefits.

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Heal dermatological ailments by taking an oatmeal bath

 Whether you are experiencing everyday dermatological issues like dry skin or struggling with more serious problems like psoriasis or eczema, the home remedies can go a long way in making things better for you. We all know that oatmeal is excellent for your body but did you know about oatmeal baths? Yes, oatmeal baths were one of the beauty recipes in the ancient world and even modern science backs it with solid facts.

The soaked oatmeal forms a slimy film that shields your body from various environmental factors and also locks in the moisture helping to keep your skin soft and smooth. It also promotes elasticity and heals dry skin problems. For that buy some rolled oats and grind them up finely. Now add some warm water to it. Take your normal bath with this water. Avoid rubbing briskly while drying your body as it will remove the thin filmy layer of oatmeal. Just pat the body lightly to dry it.

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Prunes to heal constipation

Constipation is a health condition that can upset your life. It invites many other diseases and makes a person irritable thus affecting both personal and professional lives. Chemically laden laxatives can’t be a long term solution to it.

Prunes are the time-tested natural solution for constipation. They have a good amount of fiber content that is effective in aiding digestion. Healthy digestion can eventually lead you to a constipation-free life. While you cannot expect any overnight miracles, the regular intake of prunes and a digestion-friendly diet can certainly relieve constipation.

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Soothe and treat burns with Aloe Vera

Due to its instant and deep cooling properties, Aloe is one of the best and most effective herbs to treat different types of burns. The Aloe Vera plant is the powerhouse of potent anti-inflammatory agents that not only offer an instant soothing relief to overcome stinging pain but also heal your burns and repair the damaged skin structure.

Aloe Vera is first extracted in the form of gel so that it can conveniently be spread out over the affected area and reaches inside the skin pores.

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Enjoy sound sleep with the help of fragrant lavender 

 There are few things in the world as sweet as a goodnight sleep but for many people, it is a rare commodity. If you are also suffering from insomnia then Lavender could have the solution to this issue. For the last many centuries lavender has been used for regulating sleep.

Modern research also proves that this herb has excellent relaxation qualities. It has also been proved that when you smell lavender your blood pressure and heart rate are reduced which helps in bringing about a quick feeling of relaxation.

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Make your teeth cleaner and plaque-free with Apple

 Everyone wishes to enjoy a beautiful smile. For that, you need to don the whitest teeth. The yellowish teeth with plaques or stains are not something that one feels proud to exhibit. It results in a hesitant smile that lacks beauty. One of the best and most delicious ways to get rid of yellowness and make your teeth whiter is to eat apples.

Even if your teeth are stained brown with coffee or tea, eating an apple can proactively assist in removing the stains/plaques by acting as a natural scrubber for your teeth. However, consider that apples should is good for teeth only if consumed in modest quantity as too much of it can harm your teeth due to the sugars and acids it contains. Also just like every other food item, don’t forget to gargle and lightly brush your teeth just after enjoying your apple treatment.


Licorice, Root, Licorice Root

Root out bad breath with licorice root

 You would certainly not like to encounter situations where you start talking to someone and the listener suddenly steps back with a muffled grimace on his face. Yes, we are talking about bad breath issues. It is generally caused due to bacteria. However, this is not the singular result of bacteria. It also results in tooth decay as well as other oral and tooth diseases. One of the best natural ways to overcome these oral and breathe issues is to chew the licorice root. It can quickly make your breath fresher and more appealing. As a proactive terminator of bad bacteria, the licorice root offers other benefits as well like healing the upset stomach. It has also been found that eating licorice leaves can also help in reducing stress. So, it makes a wise choice to take it to your workplace as well.

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Treat nasal congestion with neti- a traditional Indian method 

 Our nasal passageways play a vital role in determining the effects of winter and cold. For that, you can certainly rely on the neti method which is a competent way to flush out the impurities from your nasal passage.

For that, you need to use a specifically designed neti pot and it is advisable to learn the entire method from an accredited and experienced yoga teacher. Also, don’t forget to maintain the hygiene of the pot as well as the water. Use only properly boiled (and cooled) water for the purpose to avoid any nasty virus entering your nose and harm your health. Also, wash your neti pots regularly with mild detergents.

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Make your teeth whiter with baking soda

 Did you know the best and safest way to whiten your teeth? Sorry, whitening strips aren’t the right answer. It is baking soda- an inexpensive yet highly effective way to make your teeth whiter and more appealing. The baking soda acts as a natural and safe abrasive to remove the unpleasant plaque and revives the white color of your teeth.

When combined with other natural methods baking soda can also work wonders on the stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, etc. Just like the apple treatment, here too the moderation is the key. Overdoing will damage the gum tissues or hurt enamel. Take a modest amount of baking soda and mix little water into it. Mix them till it gains a consistency of a thick paste. Now apply this paste on to your toothbrush and properly brush both upper and lower layers of your teeth. It can give a white sheen to your lackluster teeth and win you many compliments while also saving you from some tricky dental health issues.

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Heal headaches with ice

 Headaches are arguably among the most common issues people face frequently. It can deeply affect the performance of an individual and ruin his mental composure. Headache can spoil the mood, prevent you from working properly, and on certain instances like taking an examination or conversing with a key client during sales presentation- it can interfere with your natural potential leaving a long-term negative effect.

One of the old and trusted treatments for getting rid of a headache is to properly cool down your temples and forehead by applying cold packs. While it works fine on conventional headaches you may need another variation when dealing with a migraine the chronic headache condition. In that case, you can freeze a wrap and place it on your neck’s front. Position it just over your carotid arteries. It can lower down the pain and offers good relief.




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