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10 Health Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)


Amla, a small-sized simple fruit, is full of medicinal properties. This is the reason why it is used as a home remedy for many physical problems. At the same time, in Ayurveda, it is used as a medicine to relieve some serious problems. This is the reason that through this article, we are going to explain to you some of the special facts related to the use of Amla, the benefits of Amla, and the medicinal properties of Amla. Before proceeding further in the article, you have to understand that any home remedy can help to get relief from the problem to some extent, but it cannot be called the treatment of that problem. Medical counseling is essential for the complete treatment of the disease.

Indian Gooseberry

Benefits of Amla:

1. Helps in Obesity

Amla can prove to be beneficial for people struggling with obesity. Actually, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, research done on Amla confirms this. In this research done on mice, it is believed that gooseberry has anti-obesity, which relieves the problem of obesity. Based on this fact, it can be assumed that the use of Amla can be relieved to some extent from the problem of obesity. However, with this, the patient needs to take special care of regular exercise and a balanced diet so that the patient can get the benefits of Amla positively in this problem.

2. Beneficial for Heart Health

It can also be considered beneficial to use Amla to reduce cardiovascular risks and maintain heart health. In this regard, research was conducted on Indian gooseberry by the Indian Journal of Pharmacology. Research has found that the intake of Amla can help in reducing the increased lipids as well as reducing the increased blood pressure. These are both risk factors related to the heart, so it can be said that the medicinal properties of Amla can play an important role in maintaining heart health.

3. Control Diabetes/Blood Sugar

People suffering from diabetes can also get relief by using Amla. In the research, it has been found that Amla has special ingredients called Gallic Acid, Gallotanin, Ellagic Acid, and Corilagin. All these elements exhibit antioxidant effects. At the same time, the research also considered that due to this antioxidant effect, these elements also exhibit antidiabetic effect, which can help in controlling increased blood sugar. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that the benefits of eating Amla can prove to be helpful to some extent even in the problem of diabetes.

blood sugar

4. Avoid Cancer

The consumption of Amla can also prove to be beneficial for the prevention of fatal diseases like cancer. This fruit has chemo-preventive effects, which can be helpful in preventing cancer. Also, research suggests that some phytochemicals present in the gooseberry have antineoplastic (cancer cell destroying) effects.
Due to the presence of these elements, the consumption of Amla can help to reduce the risks of cancer to some extent.
Along with this, it is also important to keep in mind that cancer is a fatal disease. Therefore, for the treatment of this disease, medical treatment is more important along with home remedies.

5. Relief in Problems Related to the Urinary System

The problem of not having urination can happen to anyone, child or woman, but in general, this problem is more common in elderly men. The reason is that in old age, the prostate gland of elderly men gets inflamed. In such a situation, consumption of Amla can prove to be a better option to get relief from this problem. According to experts, Ayurveda contains many fruits, flowers, or herbs that have diuretic properties. Amla is one of those Ayurvedic fruits. Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of Amla or Amla juice can prove to be somewhat helpful in the problem of non-urination.

6. Aids Indigestion

The benefits of Amla juice can also be considered effective in improving the digestive process. In fact, research conducted on Amla related to cancer has found that it has Stamachic (Stomachic – improves digestion and promotes appetite) properties. At the same time, in this research, it was also believed that Amla is also helpful in improving the problem of stomach ulcers and indigestion. It also has the ability to relieve stomach gas problems. Given these facts, it would not be wrong to say that using Amla can help strengthen digestive health.

7. Increase Immunity

One of the benefits of eating Amla is to improve the body’s immunity. Amla has the ability to increase both energy and immunity. Therefore, it is also called the disease-resistant tonic. On the other hand, research conducted on Amla suggests that the antioxidant properties present in Amla can improve immunity by reducing the effect of free radicals. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that Amla can prove to be helpful in increasing the immunity of the body.

immunity booster

8. Strengthen Bones

According to experts, Amla has anti-inflammatory (inflammation-reducing) properties that can help in reducing the inflammation of joints in arthritis. It also contains abundant vitamin C that is considered important for bone strength. On this basis, we can say that Amla can prove to be helpful in strengthening bones somewhere. However, there is no clear evidence on how helpful the benefits of eating Amla are for the growth and strengthening of bones.

9. Increase Eyesight

Research suggests that the consumption of gooseberry can help in conjunctivitis and glaucoma eye disorders. Explain that in conjunctivitis, the white part of the eye is swollen and in glaucoma, the patient’s eyesight becomes weak. Along with this, Amla can also be helpful in relieving excessive pressure on the nerves of the eyes. For this, mixing honey in Amla juice is recommended to be taken twice a day.

10. Reduce Inflammation

The benefits of Amla juice can also prove beneficial in the inflammation problem. As we have mentioned earlier in the article, Amla has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this property, the consumption of gooseberry can help to some extent to overcome the problem of inflammation related to bones and muscles.


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